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When people of high cultural status start wearing new or different styles, they can inspire new fashion trends. In fact, celebrities often dominate the latest fashion trends, especially young people who want to look and feel like their idols.

Fashion trends start with something the royal family loves, and following it proves you’re close enough to know their tastes. Designer baby fashion peaked in the 2010s, with famous and stylish parents meeting their offspring wearing minis from brands like Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.

There’s no doubt that the growing interest in upcycling and retro has played a major role in this trend, including Rodrigo in a Versace ruffled gown at the 2001 MTV VMAs, archival queen Bella Hadid in vintage Gucci, Stella McCartney in a Chloe ad and more. Designers and celebrities alike are looking for rare archives of past decades.

With some pandemic restrictions eased and celebrities returning, post-lockdown red carpets are sexier than ever. Bright colours, sparkly dresses and playful looks brought joy to this year’s celebrity wardrobes as stars dress appropriately amid the ongoing pandemic. Of course, who could forget Kim Kardashian’s dramatic Met Gala look: a featureless Balenciaga gown that raised questions about the nature of fame and spawned endless Twitter memes. This time last year, when Harry Styles appeared on the cover of Vogue in a Gucci suit, the fashion world and its critics were thrown into disarray.

Meanwhile, Tom Browns’ “men’s skirt” has been one of the most sought-after fashion items of 2022. Part Hot Topic and part designer-led (names like Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood), latex, leather, studded, and skull-laden looks can be a welcome contrast to the welcoming and conservative cottagecore and cabicore trends that have swept fashion lately. Some models look spectacular in fashion shows, but wearing head-to-toe trendy pieces on the streets will make you look quirky and try too hard to attract attention.

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Yes, it’s much better to wear clothes and bags that complement your figure than to follow the trends the fashion gods tell you to wear this season. If you buy fashion items just because they’re trendy, not because you like them, you’re not going to be happy. In fact, many of the latest fashion trends are so uncomfortable that you may have to suffer over time if you really want to follow them.

In addition, not all the trends of the world’s fashion capitals are ideal for your city. The trend is a more ephemeral look, not defined by the seasons of collections launched by the fashion industry. Fashion trends are influenced by several factors, including cinema, celebrity, climate, creativity, innovation, design, political, economic, social and technological.

Effects like these can now be quantified and provide fashion houses, designers and consumers with valuable insight into trends. As young consumers subscribe to styles, colour palettes, and eras that influence their choices for fashion, beauty, and home, the narrative is shifting from single, trend-driven items to the creation of complete or aesthetic entities that can be expressed visually on social media. In recent years, fashion blogs and YouTube videos have become the primary vehicle for spreading fashion trends and advice, creating an online culture of sharing your style on a website or Instagram account.

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