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Apart from London being the mecca for celebrity homes and social life, celebrities also have gorgeous apartments, townhouses and villas scattered all over the UK. Whether used as a vacation getaway home or simply as the country’s first home, celebrity homes elsewhere than London also deserve some recognition.

Whether they’re taking a break from jet lag in Bali to restore their tan, or looking to get a media detox at the Bvlgari Spa in London, chances are you’ll spot a celebrity or two at one of these luxury hotels. London is full of bars, restaurants and eateries, so when someone grabs the attention of celebrities, you know you’re in for a surprise. So if you love celebrities or just want to feel famous for a one night stand, check out these celebrity spots in London.

Overall, Mayfair and Soho are the best celebrity-spotting areas, as are major tourist attractions such as the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus.

A sophisticated clientele loves a lively atmosphere, and there’s a good chance you’ll see Madonna or Stella McCartney enjoy Mayfair’s most comfortable sofas. An international star, it’s no wonder so many celebrities have visited this fantastic Berkeley Street restaurant. In addition to this, many other celebrities such as David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham and singer/actress Kylie Minogue have eaten at this fabulous restaurant. Stars such as Cara Delevingne, Amy Schumer and Sienna Miller adorn the walls of this famous restaurant, it’s no wonder this place is famous in celebrity land.

This world famous restaurant should be on the list of all celebrity hotspots, not least because it is one of the meeting places for artists, agents and producers. In the 1990s, Kate Moss and Madonna regularly chose it as the center of their parties and has since attracted the attention of other famous celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, known for her legendary shepherd’s pie, made from both lamb and minced meat. The pale pink plush décor is enough to entice anyone to dine at Sketch.

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Other celebrities who have been spotted at this west London establishment include Eddie Redmayne and Lottie Moss, not to mention a host of famous bloggers. The Members’ Club, located under the Charing Cross Roads Phoenix Theatre, is an extremely famous spot among London’s celebrities; it is a legendary place where infernalists like Peter O’Toole and Richard Harris once loved to be smeared. Through its doors, he is greeted by members of the royal family and members of the Hollywood royal family.

One caveat, however, is that such an established celebrity haunt is where it contains a private area. An elegant yet casual bar-restaurant that is part of the Shakespeares Globe complex on the South Shore. Most of the time this place is filled with people having a quick drink before (or during the intermission) of the show, but if you’re on the celebrity hunt so after the evening show it’s a great place to spot a couple of posh people as there are often actors and, maybe their celebrity friends like to hang out here after the show. For those who can’t wait to see their favourite celebrity in the flesh, or for those who just want to touch the stars, there are London restaurants where you can find them – just try not to ask for a selfie.

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