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Although many women don’t feel like having sex during pregnancy as their body changes and they are dealing with hormones, sickness and exhaustion, the physical changes of pregnancy can actually set the basis for great sex. The increased blood flow can give you extra sensitivity in all your erogenous zones so you can feel heightened pleasure in all areas.

Pregnant women with strong healthy relationships actually tend to lead to better birth outcomes and during this time, staying connected with your partner is more important than ever. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits that having sex during pregnancy can bring, set the scene with some sexy crotchless knickers, some bedroom mood lighting, and pop on some of your favourite background music.

To get the best out of your intimacy, here are some top tips to keep in mind:

Don’t rush it

Pregnancy is not a time to pressure someone into having sex as it is normal for a woman to have a lower libido than they normally would. To keep the spark alive, sexual desire and emotional connection are huge factors which should never be forgotten about, setting the basis for a good night of intimacy. Instead of rushing into the sexual stuff, try focusing on what gives pleasure, be it a foot massage or holding intense eye contact to get the sparks flying.

Brush away the worries

Some people may worry that intercourse will harm the baby but fear not as the design of a woman’s body means that the baby is well protected in the uterus during pregnancy. Because of the cervix, the penis cannot touch the baby and so cannot hurt the baby at all, being no more dangerous for a foetus than the woman being in a car going a speed bump. Impediments to intercourse are often more than just physical and actually, it is perfectly safe to enjoy sex during pregnancy, not being something to worry about as you get into the heat of the moment.

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Load up the lube

As much as we love lube at the best of times, pregnancy calls for the additional lubrication more than ever. Pregnancy hormones can cause vaginal dryness, so when you are ready for intimacy, using a lubricant will help make things more pleasurable and erotic for both parties. A water based lubricant is a great place to start as it will cause minimal irritation and can be used safely alongside any sex toys you may want to bring into the equation.

Try out more comfortable positions

Especially during later stages of pregnancy when your bump makes it more difficult to enjoy your favourite positions, it’s time to get creative! Find a comfortable position for sex and get creative with pillows to help support your body and maximise the pleasure. Pregnant women usually find that laying on their left side will be the most comfortable position without decreasing circulation to the baby, making it easier to find positions that your baby won’t go getting in the way of!

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