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Some emerging and established exchanges partner with hundreds of businesses to enable Ethereum payments, some of which wouldn’t take you to task for referring to them explicitly as an eth exchange. Now that so many companies are accepting Ethereum, you can pretty much spend Ethereum anywhere you like. Today, you can use Ethereum, along with some other digital assets, to pay for purchases at platform such as Overstock.

Nowadays, there are numerous platforms that you can pay using Ethereum, as the cryptocurrency is approaching mass adoption, and a lot of payment methods have opened up which enable payment using a variety of commonly used cryptos. There are platforms that are already accepting Ethereum as a form of payment. Besides buying Ethereum directly, you might try investing in companies building applications using the Ethereum network.

If you are buying Eth on an exchange, using a wallet on the same platform is the easiest option, but there are pros and cons to this approach. That is why you are going to want to have a custom wallet that you can send Eth from once you have bought it on the exchange. If you just want to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin (BTC), then you do not want an exchange that has lots of tokens.

One way to do that is to create your own wallet for holding Ether, and purchase Ethereum using cash at a centralised exchange. If you are only interested in buying more common coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, you can also use online brokerages. Once you fund an account, you can use that money to buy Eth for the current price of Eth, as well as other assets.

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With a verified account and the money deposited in this account, you can start buying Ethereum and other cryptos through an exchange. Assuming that you are not a developer looking to power their projects on the Ethereum blockchain, you, or any investor in Ethereum, will be able to utilise the ETH tokens just as any other asset. As we noted before, you cannot only purchase products and services, you can also use your ETH coins to book a trip, or even start on other investments such as interest accounts and NFTs.

Along with Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and some other cryptos, you can pay for hotels, travel packages, and train tickets using Ethereum. This platform allows you to buy artwork from a number of different cryptocurrencies, including ethereum. Users can engage with the platform using Ether, a cryptocurrency associated with ethereum – or they can purchase and hold Eth as a store of value.

While it is possible to buy and exchange eth as an investment, much like bitcoin, eth is also a software platform that developers can use to build new applications — typically those that are cryptocurrency-related, or are otherwise designed to make buying, selling, and using cryptocurrencies a more seamless experience. So you also need to know when to sell ethereum, best done via a platform that acts as the custodian of the cryptocurrency – so, when you spend Ethereum, you may get an interest payment in return.

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