King Kaka is a Kenyan hip-hop artist, who also works as a radio personality and TV host. He has released six studio albums since his debut in 2001, with the most recent being King Kaka Xplosion which was released on April 17th 2018 through Sony Music Kenya.

King Kaka is a Kenyan rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. He was born in the year of 1978. His wife is named Queen Naija. They have 3 children together.

King Kaka is a king who reigns over the

Biography of King Kaka

Kennedy Tarriq Ombina, better known as King Kaka, was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 7, 1987. As a Kenyan artist, the renowned singer has a solid background in oral writing and poetry, with a focus on Hip Hop. In his own music production, The Kaka Empire studios, he works as a composer, video director, and executive producer.

Kennedy is also a successful entrepreneur, having been selected by Safaricom PLC to assist young people in business through the BYOB youth program.

However, King Kaka, like every other royal Kenyan, came from modest beginnings. He was born in Nairobi and attended St. Johns Primary School before enrolling at Eastleigh High School for high school. He was also selected as the entertainment captain at the latter school because of his early love and enthusiasm for music. The many talent search initiatives he put in place during this time period reflected his influence.

He struggled to make ends meet after school since he was raised by a wonderful single mother. He worked as a hawker and met the City askaris on many occasions. He was often handcuffed.

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Age of King Kaka

What is Kaka Sungura’s age? Rabbit, the celebrity, will be 34 years old in 2021. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 7, 1987. He also celebrates his birthday every year on May 7th.

Wife of King Kaka

Carter Ninifelly Owiti nicknamed Nana Owiti is Kennedy’s current husband. She still remembers the rapper’s first words to her when they first met: “I adore your toes.”

Family of King Kaka

Mr. and Mrs. Ombima gave birth to Kennedy. His father, on the other hand, died while he was still a child. This caused her month to battle with his upbringing, something he will never forget. King Kaka has shown gratitude to her mother on many occasions, praising her for the sacrifices she made to see him prosper.

Career as a musician for King Kaka

Tales of Kaka Sungura, the music star’s first album, marked his musical debut. He included the songs Niko kwa jam nakam and Dodoma in this big album. This gave him great expectations in the business since, despite its Swahili accent, it received a good reaction. With his lyrical style of music, he quickly became the most anticipated Rapper in the area.

King Kaka’s music followers were in the hundreds of thousands, with songs like Uko Chua, Swahili Shakespear, and Adisia becoming street anthems. The star’s clothing code was also intriguing; knitted headgears were unmistakably his trademark.

The singer is also a professor at Zetech University, in addition to his singing profession. He is a member of the Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, and Music faculties.

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Tribe of King Kaka

Kennedy is a member of the Luo tribe of Kenya.

Kaka Wajinga Nyinyi (King Kaka Wajinga Nyinyi)

The music sensation has just made a name for himself in Kenyan music with his first single, Wajinga Nyinyi. Fans have reacted to this song in a variety of ways. The song condemns all of the country’s bad actions and corrupt activities. Poor government and corruption, unemployment, and unethical religious activities are just a few of the problems that Kenyans face.

This drew a lot of backlash, to the point that the actor claimed he was being threatened.

Khaligraph Jones is a Kenyan rapper, actor and poet. He was born on the 25th of December in 1997. His age is currently unknown but he has been married to his wife for about 3 years. They have two children together. Khaligraph Jones has also been involved with several other different projects such as acting and poetry. Reference: khaligraph jones wife nationality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the wife to King Kaka?

A: Well, if you are asking who is the wife to King Kaka? We believe that this is a question about someones spouse. This could also be an older person looking for their childhood reading under King.

How old is Kaka Sungura?

A: Kaka Sungura is 21 years old.

Where is King Kaka from?

A: King Kaka is from Jamaica.

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