Working with top makeup artists, hairdressers, dermatologists and estheticians, it’s understandable that celebrities have accumulated a lot of wisdom over the years. Now they willingly put their best beauty secrets and tips into their brands and make them available to all of us. This fall, we spoke to some famous people to find out which products are at the top of the list of the most popular beauty products.

Go ahead; discover the beauty and health products to help them get through the fall. In addition, they employ the best cosmetologists and dermatologists who develop an individual skin care regimen. Plus, they have access to some of the best skin care experts in the business. Read on to find out what skin care products celebrities always use.

If you buy a product that we have recommended to you, we may earn an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. While these celebrity brands are some of the biggest and most successful on the market, there are plenty of other great beauty brands out there from some of our favourite celebrities. Here, we’ve rounded up a few products from top beauty companies to add to your makeup and hair kits. Don’t worry; we’ve done all the homework for you by compiling a short guide to some of the best celebrity beauty brands on the market right now.

We asked our editors to share their favourite celebrity beauty products in the hair, makeup and skincare categories. For this study, we obtained a list of celebrities who have their own cosmetic brands from a series of blogs and articles on the Internet. By looking at each company’s earnings alone, we find out which celebrity has a beauty brand that looks best in the books.

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So far this year, we’ve seen Halsey launch her About Face brand and Jennifer Lopez launch her JLo Beauty branded product line, and last year Selena Gomez announced her entry into the beauty market with Rare Beauty. Sure, we’ve seen countless celebrities release a fragrance, or two, or 25, but the 21st century – and especially in recent years – has witnessed an unprecedented rise in cosmetics, skincare, and hair care companies founded by celebrities who are not able to resist the call of entrepreneurial beauty. Currently, some of the best celebrity beauty brands are the result of many years (decades) of work by makeup and makeup professionals and then translating that experience and high fame into beauty products care lines. Leading celebrity cosmetics brands are offering fans the chance to get a piece of their favourite singers backstage while supporting their non-musical entrepreneurial endeavours.

Madonna’s private label facial and body contouring rollers are also a real hit. We’re dual-label fans of Extreme Length Mascara and Primer, and we love that this no-makeup makeup collection includes best-selling lash products, as well as favourites like Pure Vitamin C Corrective Moisturizer with SPF 30. , Everything Primer, Luminizing Glow Powder, Brow Pencil, Tinted Lip Balm and Blush Blush. The make-up collection features lightweight formulas and includes products for the eyes, lips, face and body, including foundation, powder, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, bronzer and more, as well as beauty tools and brushes. Affordable online brand shade searches can also easily match your skin tone.

The cruelty-free brand includes essential dermatologist-designed skincare and self-care products, including a nourishing face cream, a purifying sandalwood-scented face mask made with hydrating manuka honey, an obsidian facial blow-off roller, and a candle with sage and oat milk.

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