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Dutch footballer, Steven Bergwijn’s girlfriend Chloe Jay Lois is an American model who has been appearing on the field as his eye-catching and hot fitness coach. She was born in Sacramento but raised outside of Seattle and now lives with her family in Los Angeles. She also modeled for many different international clients such as Clairol and Maté Cosmetics, making up to $20k per campaign. Her career started early: she won Miss Teen USA (2012) at age 16! Chloe Jay Lois has a social media following that exceeds 90 million people; yet despite all these numbers, information about this beautiful woman remains scarce for those intent on chasing down every last detail about their love interest/doting partner/rock star athlete boyfriends’ side chick (or whatever label you’d like to assign).

Chloe Jay Lois is a stunning model and will soon become the girlfriend of Dutch footballer Steven Bergwijn. What makes her so special, other than being incredibly beautiful? The answer to that question remains unclear for now, but one thing’s certain: she’ll have you swooning!

The young footballer Steven Bergwein is constantly in the news because of his impressive play on the pitch. Another person who gets a lot of attention is his girlfriend Chloe J Lois – a woman with many professions and a strong personality. Everyone in the football world knows about him, although Steven prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. It’s impossible when a woman is so beautiful! Let’s take a closer look at his life.

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A perfect combination of two worlds

Starting with nationality: She is Dutch and of mixed ethnicity. She was born on the 21st. June 1998 in the Netherlands, so his age is 22. Her astrological sign is Cancer, which means she is naturally kind and caring.

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She has maintained her model physique at a size 0. He weighs between 56 and 58 pounds and measures 34-26-34 inches. Her sultry hourglass figure has earned her many modeling contracts, and her WAG status makes it easier for her to pursue her career. She is also an accomplished dancer and former YouTuber.

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Your beautiful features

She has a large following on Instagram – over 53,000. Her looks made her famous even before she dated the footballer. She is still known for her stylish selfies, bouffant hairstyles and dance videos. Her curly brown hair makes her stand out in all the photos, as does her slim figure. Cosmetic procedures on her face enhance her beauty tenfold. With her dark brown eyes and other features, you could say Chloe won the genetic lottery.

The king in his life

Chloe has a net worth of about $1 million, which shows that she has worked hard for her career. She was destined to be famous when she met her boyfriend as a teenager. Their relationship began in 2015 and has remained strong ever since. When Chloe came into the spotlight as a friend, fans immediately fell in love with her.

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There is no information about her family except that she has a son. Hole brought to 10. In April 2020, she gave birth to a son, Stevie Isaiah Bergwijn. He appears frequently in his social media posts. The couple announced the birth on their Instagram accounts, to the delight of football fans. Chloë shared a photo of her and her baby son with the caption Holy Stevie Isaï Bergwijn. Our miracle, I look forward to spending eternity with you. The love of my life.

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However, she never posts pictures of her boyfriend on her Instagram. This means that it wants to keep its identity independent from the footballer. Her work is the most important part of her life, so she takes her job very seriously.

Your fast career

Chloe currently models on Instagram and works as a brand ambassador for LA Sisters. She has had a long career as a model, but started out as a YouTuber. She posted daily vlogs talking about her lifestyle. The young model has been very busy on this stage of YouTube and has gained popularity in no time. She eventually became a star in the YouTube community, but after starting her own business, she decided to stop posting.

She uploaded a final video in August 2019, but it didn’t get enough views. Steve often appeared in his vlogs and made the most of his relationship with the model. But modeling and dancing are not Chloe’s only activities. She also works at Mijndomein, a service that allows you to create a website without any technical knowledge.

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As a model, Chloe always dresses and looks her best in front of the camera. With its striking and blended features, it can create any look in the world.

Chloe is one of the famous WAGS and she appreciates every bit of love from her audience. Although she and Steve don’t do PDA online like other celebrity couples, they have a strong relationship. This is easy to understand, as both have stubborn and ambitious personalities. His determination and tenacity in building a successful professional life is an inspiration to many fans.

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