Marie Kindermans (born 25 November 1982), is a former model and Belgian fashion designer. She is the wife of Belgian footballer Thorgan Hazard, a midfielder who currently plays for Belgian football club Zulte-Waregem.

Marie’s a natural beauty with a slender figure, a nice smile, and a warm and friendly personality. She’s known as a down to earth girl who loves to take care of her family and friends, and enjoys spending time outdoors. You might also know her as the wife of Belgian footballer Thorgan Hazard.

In a recent post, we introduced you to the gorgeous French model and actress Marie Kindermans, wife of Belgian footballer Thorgan Hazard. In this post, we will introduce you to the other half of her life: her mother. ~

Thorgan Hazard, the innocent-looking yet ferociously talented player, has received widespread acclaim. He has a fascinating style of play, never losing touch with his form from start to finish. This article, on the other hand, is about his wife, Marie, who seems to be just as pure and innocent as he does. Buckle up because there’s a lot to learn about this cutie.

Beautiful from the inside out

In the photo above, you can see the positive energy emanating from her. Perhaps it’s the glitzy white gown, her flawless blonde hair, or her endearing features. Whatever the case may be, this lady is stunning in every way. She can show off her inherent attractiveness in any photograph shot of her. Marie doesn’t require excessive makeup, cosmetic surgery, or crazy haircuts to appear beautiful, therefore you’ll never see her with them.

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Her good fortune in the genetic lottery takes care of it for her. She also has a slim, healthy figure that would put a lot of fitness-obsessed ladies to shame. Her beautiful figure must have earned her a lot of modeling offers, but as we all know, she probably turned them down. Marie is one of the most secretive WAGS in the football world, as we shall see.

Above all, privacy is paramount.

Marie has an introverted nature, so only her closest friends and family can really know her. She does not use social media at the moment since her life is not for everyone to see and enjoy. This aspect contrasts with the noisy lives of many WAGS and celebrities in general. For a celebrity, she is also soft-spoken, modest, and composed. Despite the attention and admiration of millions of people, Marie has managed to maintain her uniqueness and personality. Because she is comfortable and confident, she seldom feels envious of the feminine attention given at her husband.

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Thorgan’s Relationship With Her

Given the couple’s lengthy history, her unshakable faith in her marriage is unsurprising. Before getting married, they dated for many years. Before they married, Marie gave birth to their daughter Elayna Hazard. Their wedding was likewise a secret affair, with just one photograph accessible to the public.

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Thorgan posted the lovely picture of him and Marie sitting with their backs to the camera on his Instagram account. Marie was dressed in a lovely lace gown, and the event had an all-white theme, as shown in the photo. Fans would want to see more of the wedding, but this is the only one available.

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Her Adorable Siblings

Marie is two years her husband’s senior and has been at his side through thick and thin. Her family is close-knit, something she enjoys since Thorgan’s siblings are all professional football players. The whole family, including Marie, attends a number of football-related events while avoiding the media.

It Isn’t Necessary To Be Extra

Marie isn’t a huge lover of wearing trendy outfits. Her style is more understated, elegant, and basic than others. She values decency and professionalism above everything else, yet she can pull off any ensemble. Being at ease in her own flesh enables her to look beautiful in any situation.

She Exudes a Pure Mindset

This lovely WAG’s job is unclear since she prefers to keep her personal life out of the limelight. She is, nevertheless, a devoted and industrious individual in all aspects of her life. She is an excellent mother to Elayna and a capable guardian to the rest of her family’s children. She doesn’t let her WAG status get in the way of her objectives, allowing her to develop an identity apart from the player. She thinks that everyone should try to make something of themselves in this world rather than relying on others to do it. This progressive mindset stems from the rich culture in which she and Thorgan were raised, making them excellent role models for today’s youngsters.

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Marie Kindermans, a wonderful mix of feminine and masculine characteristics, is someone who people should strive to learn more from. Her life has a quality that money can’t buy: equilibrium. Despite possessing a position that typically robs individuals of their balance and stability, she has worked hard to get it. Marie is a beautiful, inspirational woman who will always have a special place in Thorgan’s heart.

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Marie-Kindermans is a 31 year old model from Amsterdam, Holland and the current girlfriend of Bundesliga star Thorgan Hazard. In the past, Marie-Kindermans has been mostly known for being one of the top models of the Dutch fashion industry. She was also well known for being the girlfriend of Thorgan “The Rocket” Hazard from 2014-2016. During that time, she was also a model for various brands such as: YSL, Rimmel, Calvin Klein, and Benetton.. Read more about thorgan hazard salary per week and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eden Hazard wife?

Eden Hazard is married to his wife, Thylane Blondeau.


Who does Ethan Hazard play for?

Ethan Hazard plays for the New York Knicks.

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