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Melanie Martial is the wife of Manchester United’s young star Anthony Martial. Melanie is an up and coming fashion designer. She recently made a debut at the Paris Fashion Week. Melanie is a big fan of Manchester United and her husband’s speedy rise to the first team, she says: “The past year has been phenomenal for him, he’s living a dream.” Melanie and Anthony met when he was at Lyon, she had come to watch a friend’s show.

When you think of the world of football, you think of the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and David Beckham. These are all elite football stars who play for some of the biggest clubs in the world and have made football their living. One of the latest stars to make football his living is a 19 year old French player who currently plays for Manchester United called Anthony Martial. He is also one of the hottest players in the game today. (Which is a very popular sport in Europe.)

Melanie Martial is a beautiful 25 year old lady who is well known for being the wife of football star Anthony Martial. Melanie Martial first came to people’s attention when she started dating footballer Anthony Martial. The couple started dating in their teen years and have been together since. Melanie Martial is a French woman who was born in 1990. She holds a degree in law.  Prior to dating Martial, Melanie was a student of the University of Nantes. Melanie Martial and Anthony Martial have been married for 2 years and they have a daughter together.

Antoni Marcial has scored goals for Manchester United. And the person who always gives him a much-needed burst of energy before every game is his beautiful wife, Melanie Marcial. Read on to find out all you need to know about the Frenchwoman.

Facts about Melanie Martial

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-14026 Melanie Martial is a well-known television presenter in France, whose popularity has increased thanks to the reality show Secret History. The beautiful model with the typical French refined body features, characterized by bright stripes and a slim body, helped her to achieve a huge score. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time She was born on the 28th. April 1991, born in Paris. Although she identifies herself as Franco-Latina.

Growing up in the city of love

Mélanie Marcial was born and raised in the French capital. Studies or sports never caught her attention, as she was more attracted to the glamorous extravagance of the entertainment world. She must have been interested in modeling from the beginning, and her teachers only encouraged her to do so, given her stunning physical attributes and grace. It was a great incentive for a budding celebrity to become a well-known icon in a Western European country.

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Started on a high note

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-14027 Her 5-foot-10 height and figure of 34-26-34 have made a career in the in-demand modeling world possible. She had the right look, and as far as talent went, Melanie had found her way with a little hard work and a dash of dedication. The beauty’s television career began in 2015, when she appeared in several popular television shows. Soon after, she was invited to participate in the reality show Secret History, which certainly propelled her fame to new heights. His Instagram account, which has exactly 3.1 million followers, is the result of his unprecedented fame. As the star gained more money and influence, she decided to launch her own shoe brand Sy & Me with her sister Sylvie Da Cruz. Now that Melanie is also a businesswoman, it doesn’t make sense to think she’s super rich. She prefers to keep the exact cost to herself.

When they met and the sparks flew

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-14028 Melanie and Anthony met when he was married to his first wife, whose name was Samantha Helena. The Manchester United star was briefly married to her and ended their relationship when he was seduced by the charms of the budding French model. Manchester United fans have been hit hard by the divorce, as most of them have fallen in love with their idol’s ex-wife. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). But Melanie had the same effect. Before long, the sexy new couple began bragging about their brand new union on social media, often posting photos that made us swoon. This new relationship has really made a big difference in Melanie’s subscriber base, given her boyfriend’s mega-popularity.

Transition to the next level

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-14029 Melanie and Anthony took their relationship to the next level by getting married. After dating for a while, they tied the knot in a super-secret wedding ceremony in 2018. It’s as exciting as it sounds. The couple also have an adorable child named Swann. Although this is Anthony’s second child. He also has a child with his ex-wife. It is not yet known whether young Swan will become as outstanding a footballer as his father, or even whether he will develop an interest in the sport.

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Where are they now?

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-14030 Thanks to Anthony’s work, they now live happily in beautiful Manchester. Although Melanie loves to travel, she is often seen flying to the most exotic places in the world. However, the star also spoke about the pitfalls of being a WAG and how she can sometimes fall victim to stereotypes. But the handsome model also explained that the comments didn’t hurt her feelings, so you should do it! She also said that wherever Anthony’s career takes him, she will follow him as his biggest fan. This would really make it easier for the Red Devils to move to another division if needed!Melanie is a really private lady who is not into the spotlight. She prefers to live her life out of the media’s eye. She has been married to Anthony Martial since December 2016. She is the mother of his kids from a previous marriage. Melanie was born in France and is of French nationality. Melanie’s birthday is on February 10, 1987. Melanie is a married woman. She is married to Anthony Martial. She is a soccer player.. Read more about mélanie martial da cruz wikipedia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Anthony martial wife?

Martial is married to Melanie Da Cruz, a French model. The couple began dating in 2013 and got engaged in 2015. Martial and Da Cruz have a daughter named Téa who was born in June 2015. The wife of France and Manchester United footballer Anthony Martial is Melanie Da Cruz. Martial and Da Cruz have been married since the summer of 2016, and they have a baby daughter together. Click here for more info!

Who is Melanie da Cruz?

Melanie da Cruz is a 25-year-old model from France. She is the wife of 20-year-old Manchester United striker Anthony Martial, who is one of England’s top young football talents. Melanie is from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a French territory in the eastern Caribbean Sea. She is also the cousin of Guadeloupean international footballer and former Southampton player, Kevin Gameiro. Melanie and Anthony first met in 2014, when the French forward was in Guadeloupe for a promotional event. They had a whirlwind romance, and Melanie became pregnant with the footballer’s first child in September 2014. Melanie da Cruz is a 25-year-old model from France, who has been in the fashion industry for six years. Melanie was born in Le Havre, France, and grew up in an athletic family. She began modeling at the young age of 16, and quickly rose to the top of the industry. This model has been a cover girl for many magazines, including “Cosmopolitan” and “Maxim”. She got her big break when she was featured in a Yves Saint Laurent advertisement.

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Who is Anthony Martial dating?

Anthony Martial is a French professional football player who plays for the French national team and English club Manchester United. He was born in Lyon, France on December 5, 1995. His father is from Guadeloupe, and his mother is from Martinique. Martial is the youngest child in his family. Anthony Martial is a young football player who recently made a name for himself in the world of professional soccer. He currently plays for the Manchester United team, and has been the lead striker for the team ever since he was signed to Manchester United for a record transfer fee. His performance on the field has earned him a lot of attention, and many would argue that he is the next big thing in football. In addition, he is also a romantic. More specifically, he is currently married to Melanie Martial. So, who is Melanie Martial? Keep reading to find out!

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