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Dutch footballer, Virgil van Dijk is married to a model named Eline. They got married in Amsterdam. The couple met in 2008 while playing together for local club Hoofdklasse side De Graafschap. They have no children yet.

It doesn’t take a long time to find out Rike Nooitgedagt’s Facebook profile. A quick scroll through her timeline and you’ll find a picture of her living with the Dutch football player Virgil van Dijk and some pretty interesting details about her.

Lovers Rike Neutgedagt and Virgil van Dijk might be the most expensive couple in football. Virgil van Dijk had the opportunity to date women outside the spotlight, but he chose to make a promise to Rika Neutgedagt, who had been his lover since childhood. After winning the PFA Player of the Year award for his performances with Liverpool and finishing second in the Premier League, Virgil van Dijk has attracted a lot of attention to his personal life. The media has shown particular interest in his relationship with his wife and their married life. word-image-9430

Defender’s Dream Lady

Rieke Neutgedagt is the beautiful wife of defender Virgil van Dijk. She is different from many wives and girlfriends in the industry. Unlike them, Rieke prefers to keep her private life private. She’s not the type to tell her life story on social networks. This has generated a lot of interest among fans who want to know more about her. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). Rieke Neutgedagt was born in Breda, just like her husband Virgil van Dijk. Unlike most celebrity wives or girlfriends, Rieke has a strong media presence. For this reason, their personal data are not mentioned. The couple has reportedly been together since their teenage years. It’s unlikely that Rike was with anyone before the footballer. There is credible information about his career and profession that has been made public. word-image-9431 She was working as a sales manager when the couple’s affair became public in 2013. She was stuck in her career as a professional sales manager. But in the end, the lady had to choose between staying with her then-boyfriend and her career. The player received a call from Celtic and was given the choice of moving in with them or continuing her career. As someone who values happiness and time with her loved ones, she chose to become a soccer player.

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Data protection in particular

Sure, she lived in luxury, but Rika always managed to keep her private life out of the glamorous world. Some sites have tried to look at their social media profiles, but haven’t found anything that sheds light on their lifestyle. Needless to say, the couple stayed true to their words of love and commitment and continued to build their lives together. In 2014, Rike and Virgil had a baby daughter. The footballer’s account features photos of him with the two women he adores, more than anything else in the world. But Rika still managed to protect her personal space from the spotlight.

Many interesting things

It would be helpful to see Rick’s lifestyle with her husband and daughter. But surprisingly, Rieke wasn’t like that when she was in the fashion industry. She has been fairly active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Over time, however, she stopped her platform activities and retreated to a quieter life. I got the impression that Rieke did not want to be bothered by the constant comments from the virtual world. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time From her interviews and her activities on social media, it’s clear that she was lucky enough to run into the right person at such a young age. If there was a choice between her husband and something else, she always chose and chose her love. Rieke knew the lifestyle that her footballing husband would lead: Traveling, being the center of attention, interacting with new people every day. But despite her introversion, she decided to fall madly in love with him and stay with him like a rock for all those years they were so happy together. word-image-9432 If the people who have communicated with her can tell you a lot about her personality, it would be nice if she communicated more with her fans. ** All images in this post are from Instagram/external sources. We are not the owner of these photos **.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Virgil van Dijk wife?

Virgil van Dijk is a Dutch footballer currently playing for English side Liverpool. He was born on the 19 August 1990 in Heerde and is a product of the Feyenoord Rotterdam youth academy. He played his first game for the Feyenoord first team on the 31 May 2007 in the Eredivisie match against Ajax. He is often compared to former Feyenoord players such as John Heitinga and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. On the 2nd of March 2018, the Dutch footballer Vírgil van Dijk marries his girlfriend of 3 years, actress Tess van Dijk. After their 3-year relationship, the couple has decided to settle down. And they are going to do it within the beautiful setting of Mauritius. The beautiful place is also the reason for their name’s inspiration, it’s called Mauritius because the sea is always calm, the sky is always blue, and the people are always nice.

How tall is nooitgedagt?

Though you might not know it, Nooitgedagt is a Dutch basketball player who plays in the Netherlands. Nooitgedagt went to high school at the Amsterdam school of Technology, and played for the Golden State Warriors, but only for a short period of time in the summer of 2015. He is not related to the famous Dutch singer, Noi. All around the world, people are obsessed with footballers, and why not? They are the best paid athletes in the world, they have the best looking partners in the world, and their personalities are a constant source of intrigue. So, why the fascination with the stars? Well, for a start, they are the biggest celebrities in the world, and that’s why they get the most attention in the media. They are also the most accessible, as they are the ones who are in the spotlight and on the pitch. They are idolised, and they are also the most scrutinised.

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Does Virgil van Dijk have a family?

We all know Virgil van Dijk loves to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, but we also know that he is a proud father. With that, it’s no surprise that the Dutchman is so private about his family. However, we do know the sort of family he has, thanks to one Dutch TV host who recently snuck a peek at his Instagram posts. The Dutch football star Virgil van Dijk is a global sensation, and there is already plenty of interest in what he will do when he leaves Liverpool this summer. The Dutchman is well known for his speed and powerful shot, as well as his impeccable defending. Since becoming a regular first-team player in 2018, he has become the most expensive defender in the history of the game, with his move to Liverpool costing a record £75 million.

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