Amanda Ruggeri is an American actress, best known for her role as Dr. Leslie Thompkins on the CW television series The Flash.

Biography of Amanda Ruggeri

Amanda Ruggeri is an English journalist, editor, photographer, video editor, and on-screen presenter who has served as Editor, London Features and Editor, BBC Future since August 2019. Ruggeri formerly worked at BBC Future as a Senior Editor, as a Special Projects Editor, and BBC Britain as an Editor.

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Yale University and an M.Phil. in International Relations from Cambridge University. She also worked in Washington, D.C. as a political reporter.

Ruggeri has also contributed to Powder, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Globe and Mail, and National Geographic Traveler, to mention a few. Narrating, digital multimedia, and feature reporting are among her major interests.

Her insatiable curiosity in the world, especially its lesser-known tales, has prompted her to look into everything from Miami’s fight against sea level rise to London’s plague pits. Amanda is especially interested in alternative ways of thinking and living, and she has recently written pieces on the argument for abandoning goals, why we should work less, and the pitfalls of perfectionism.

Amanda Ruggeri is a woman in her forties.

Amanda’s age is unknown. Amanda was born in the United Kingdom, in the city of London. She has not, however, revealed her age or date of birth. As a result, it is unknown when she will celebrate her birthday. We guarantee to keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.

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Amanda Ruggeri in a picture

Amanda Ruggeri’s partner

Ruggeri is a married lady who lives in Rome, Italy with her spouse. She has not, however, revealed any information about her spouse. We’re keeping an eye on things and will let you know as soon as we get more information.

Family of Amanda Ruggeri

Ruggeri was born in London, England, to British parents. However, our attempts to locate her parents and siblings were fruitless. We guarantee to keep you up to date as soon as new information becomes available.

Amanda Ruggeri’s stature

Ruggeri is about 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall and weighs 52 kg (114 lbs).

Yale University’s Amanda Ruggeri

Amanda was drugged and assaulted during her second year at Yale. Ruggeri remembers going to an Old Campus party with a buddy, her boyfriend, and another boyfriend’s friend. “We didn’t know anybody at the party, but at Yale, that didn’t seem to matter; everyone seemed safe and welcome.”

The comfortable and welcoming atmosphere disappeared when someone gave Ruggeri and her female companion shots that she thinks were poisoned. Both of the ladies collapsed. Ruggeri couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, and fell down the stairs after having the shot, according to the friend’s boyfriend the following morning.

Despite her incoherence and bedwetting, her friends carried her across the courtyard and left her with the boyfriend’s buddy, who had intercourse with her despite her incoherence. Ruggeri told “a college administrator” about the rape, who gave her a Kleenex and a pamphlet outlining her choices.

She claims to have had a brief idea of telling her tale to a disciplinary panel. “But I knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it,” she admits. If just one person had said what I dreaded the most: that I had somehow brought this on myself, I would have been devastated.”

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Amanda Ruggeri, History Channel, and the Roman Empire

Amanda is a key interviewee for two forthcoming seasons of Netflix’s Roman Empire: Reign of Blood, as well as the lead narrator for the History Channel’s “Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror” and the author of The Revealed Rome Handbook.

Amanda Ruggeri’s net worth is unknown.

What is Amanda Ruggeri’s net worth? Amanda’s net worth is believed to be $500,000. Her primary source of income is her successful profession as a journalist, photographer, videographer, and author.

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