“Fear” is the second studio album by American rapper Jay-Z. It was released on April 4, 2004, by Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam Recordings. The record debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart with first week sales of 864,000 copies in its first week of release.

The fear discography is a list of songs, albums, and other information about the music career of American singer-songwriter and musician, Jeffery self.

Fear, together with Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, helped establish the sound and style of hardcore in Los Angeles. Fear didn’t release an album until five years later, despite the fact that they started amid the initial wave of punk in 1977. By that time, they’d developed a blistering, thrashy assault that, for all its ferocity, was surprisingly tight and occasionally even complex. That is to say, musically, the band wasn’t as crass as singer Lee Ving’s absurd, hilariously obscene lyrics, which were intended to irritate everyone within hearing, especially women and gays; his vulgarity was only matched by his genuine love of beer. Fear’s initial lineup disbanded after just two albums, although Ving continued touring with different lineups throughout the 1990s.

Fear was founded in Los Angeles by singer Lee Ving (whose background is unknown, but he is believed to be a Vietnam veteran), with lead guitarist Philo Cramer, bassist Derf Scratch, and drummer Johnny Backbeat rounding out the initial lineup. Burt Good, the rhythm guitarist, joined the band for a brief period in 1978, but left when Ving chose to take up the instrument. Backbeat was replaced by Spit Stix the next year. Fear’s first song, I Love Livin’ in the City, was released on Criminal Records in January 1978. They were not in a hurry to make an album, and instead spent the following several years playing punk clubs throughout Los Angeles, developing a violent, combative stage persona. Fear’s spectacular performance in filmmaker Penelope Spheeris’ punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization solidified their reputation, and they gained a dedicated admirer in comic John Belushi, who convinced Saturday Night Live to have the band on as a musical guest for the Halloween show in 1981. Fear, who aren’t known for their public demeanor, brought a gang of skinhead slam-dancers onstage for their set, resulting in expensive studio damage and a little of on-mike swearing.

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Fear eventually signed a record deal with Slash in 1982 and released their first album, The Record, which most reviewers still consider to be their finest and funniest work. Later that year, Scratch departed the band, and was replaced by Eric “Kitabu” Feldman (who featured on the late-1982 song Fuck Christmas), then Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; in 1984, Flea was replaced by Lorenzo Buhne of the Dickies. In 1983, Fear took a break for other projects; Stix joined Nina Hagen’s band in Europe, Cramer founded M’Butu Ngawa, and Ving began a successful acting career, appearing in films such as Flashdance (as the strip club owner) and Streets of Fire, among others. Fear released their second album, More Beer, in 1985, but split up shortly after to pursue other projects, disbanding in 1987.

Live...For the Record Fear’s core lineup, including Ving, Cramer, and Stix, as well as new bassist Will “Sluggo” McGregor, reformed in 1991 and resumed touring. Later that year, Live…For the Record was released. In 1993, Cramer and Stix both left the group, and Ving formed Lee Ving’s Army, which included guitarist Sean Cruse, former Frank Zappa bassist Scott Thunes, and drummer Andrew Jaimez. This quintet ultimately became the new Fear lineup, and they went into the studio in 1995 to produce Have Another Beer with Fear, the band’s first album of new material in a decade, which was released by Sector 2. Thunes was replaced by Mondo Lopez and Cruse by Richard Presley during the following several years, and the reformed Fear returned to the Hall of Records label in 2000 with American Beer, another all-new record.

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The Fear Record After a dismal audience reaction and a series of legal battles, Ving sat on his laurels for the next several years, playing the old Fear hits with a changing lineup. Finally, in 2012, with The Fear Record, a totally needless but otherwise inspired re-recording of the band’s famous The Record, issued on independent label The End, he gave the ultimate middle-finger salute to the music business bigwigs.

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