Fidel Rueda is a Mexican singer and songwriter who rose to prominence in the late 2000s. He has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, winning one, and was awarded a Latin Grammy.

Biography of the Artist

Gutierrez, Evan C.

Carlos Fidel Rueda was born on March 23, 1983, in Culiacan, Sinaloa. His father kept an accordion on hand at all times, and Fidel quickly began to spend his free time on the instrument. As Fidel’s ability grew, he began to sing as well. It wasn’t long before he was being asked to perform at local parties and gatherings. Rueda created Los Buitres de Culiacan in order to record and play more often. After accumulating experience for a few years, the band published its debut album, Que Role la Bolsita, on the Discos Sol label. The album got positive reviews, but it was the follow-up, Solo para Mi, that led to opportunities to play across the area. Limonadas Verdes, the band’s release on the Herca Music label, cemented the band’s public appeal as it grew in popularity. Rueda decided to leave the band he had helped to form in 2006, citing his dissatisfaction with the record label and his lack of control over repertoire and creative choices as reasons. Rueda made his solo debut in 2007 with an unusual sound that included just drums, a few horns, and accordion. Paz en Este Amor, the album’s title, became a regional blockbuster success. The album, which was released by Universal’s Machete Music, charted in both the Regional Mexican Airplay and Hot Latin Tracks categories on Billboard.

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