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A rifle sling is exactly what it sounds like: a strap that is used to carry a rifle. Rifle slings can be a bit of a puzzle, however, in that there are many different types of rifle slings, each specially designed for a specific purpose. For example, a biathlete sling is used by biathletes in the winter, while a sniper sling is used by snipers in the military. (There is no “best” sling in all situations, since each sling is designed for a different purpose, much like how each type of gun is designed for a different purpose.)

Who invented the rifle sling? It was actually pretty boring. While it may seem like some kind of super technical military innovation, the rifle sling was actually invented by a hunter. Grasping the rifle in his left hand, the hunter wrapped the sling around his shoulder using the hooks on the sling to hold the rifle.

The best rifle slings are the ones you can trust. The ones that won’t fail you when you need them most. The ones that won’t fall apart on you after a couple of months. The ones that you can depend on and won’t lose you money when you need to buy a new one. The ones that will get the job done when you need them most. The ones that can keep your rifle steady for long periods of time, and the ones that won’t cause you to lose your rifle. The ones that won’t be anything but trouble when you need them most. The ones that are built to last.

Luke Cuenco 05.07.21 Slings are an accessory often misunderstood by many shooters, and probably for good reason: we are not used to carrying our weapons for long periods of time. The military is properly trained in the use of these items, and I have personally had the opportunity to learn how a sling can go beyond simply attaching a gun to a person. Of course, the sling can also be used to improve accuracy when shooting from different positions, since the sling is the fifth point of contact. The popular YouTube channel TFBTV has an excellent video on this concept. Look at this. After mastering this new technique, I was immediately intrigued by the different types of slings and started buying the ones that looked interesting. While the concept seems simple, not all slings are the same or work the same way. Here are my picks for the best gun belts to use with your rifle or shotgun that will serve you for years to come. Table of contents

1. Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Padded Sling – Editor’s Choice

word-image-9027 The Vickers Padded Two Point Strap, made from quality material here in the USA, is a great option for a versatile belt. The soft part is ideal for those planning to carry the rifle for a long time, it takes the weight of a heavy rifle off the shoulders and distributes it more evenly. One slight drawback of the soft part of the sling is for those who carry plate carriers and have a lot of gear on their backs – the soft part tends to get caught in the gear, but fortunately Blue Force Gear offers a version without the soft part, allowing the sling to slide through the gear more easily. Blue Force Gear’s 2-point Vickers Strap is very affordable at only $53.87 and comes in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. My favorite feature of the Vickers catapult is the quick release tab, which allows you to easily adjust the length of the catapult to create a more stable shooting platform. Pros/Quick Adjusting soft carrier, made in the USA from high quality materials. Disadvantages: The flexible part of the harness can be attached to body-worn equipment. Bottom Line / Excellent universal sling for any AR-15 or bolt action rifle.

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2. TAC-SHIELD 3-point universal harness – The safest

word-image-9028 Now only available in black This sling is by far one of the most reliable and versatile slings on the market. The 1.5-inch Milspec webbing offers high strength and finish, and the quick-adjust cam lock allows AR-15 shooters to instantly switch from strong to weak side. The TAC-SHIELD also features a universal mounting system, meaning you don’t have to rely on QD bolts or proprietary mounting methods. Finally, the sling is also equipped with an ERB buckle for emergency situations where the rifle needs to be removed from the body quickly and safely without head injury. The Tac-Shield 3-Point Versatile Combat Sling costs $42.99, but the color choice is limited to the Ford Model-T – you can choose any color, as long as it’s black. Benefits / Fits almost all rifles and shotguns thanks to its universal mounting system. Cons/ Only one color is available, unlike the picture. Bottom Line/Great versatility for coaches working with both the weak and strong.

3. Magpul MS4 Gen 2 Hybrid Multi-Mission Harness – Universal Choice

word-image-9029 Personally, I’m not a fan of single point slings, but I know many people who have chosen them for weapons like the MP5 and the SIG MPX. The Magpul MS4 Gen 2 Multi-Mission Strap is a hybrid between a two-point belt and a one-point belt, equipped with QD pivot points that allow you to quickly switch between options. If I could only afford one sling, it would probably be this one, because I can use it on any rifle or pistol that has at least one QD contact point. The sling lacks some other features that Vickers slings usually have, but I think their adaptability is a good compromise between the two options. The Magpul MS4 Gen 2 Multi-Mission Sling can be purchased for just $59.95. Pro/ Fits almost any firearm with QD bolts. Cons/ Not as easy to adjust as other slings. Conclusion / Excellent if you just need to buy a sling.

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4. Butler Creek’s ultra-padded nylon belt is the affordable choice for the.

word-image-9030 This armor is more for those who carry heavier guns in the bush. The Butler Creek sling has an extra-large padded section to keep the weight of the rifle comfortably on your shoulders, and even includes 6 slots for full-size spare cartridges. The biggest drawback to this sling is that it’s not very tactical and can’t be easily adjusted, so you’ll probably want to do that before you go out into the field with it. Otherwise, it’s by far the most convenient option on this list and also one of the most affordable, at around $20. Benefits / One of the most comfortable harnesses on the market Cons/ Not suitable for anything other than carrying a gun. Bottom Line / Great for long walks in the woods with a rifle to your favorite hunting area.

5. Ten Point Gear 550 Paracord Sling – Survival Pik

word-image-9031 I’m always intrigued by survival gear in any form, and this scarf falls into that category. This sling is not only adjustable, but can also be turned into a lifeline if needed. Paracord is known for its very high tensile strength and can be used for almost any fastening task you give it. The sling itself only comes with swivels, but I’m sure with a little work you can attach QD points to it to adapt it for use with QD bolts, if you need a quick disconnect option. The slingshot also comes in a variety of colors, so you can match it to almost any weapon in your arsenal and still enjoy the safety that paracord provides. The Ten Point Gear 550 Paracord Strap costs $16.97 and includes swivel buckles and 15 pattern choices. Pro/ Works as a great slingshot and emergency tool. Cons/Not available with optional accessories for mounting on AR model rifles. Summary: Ideal for the survivor who also needs to keep an eye on his gun.

Different kinds of slings

In general, slings come in two different configurations, although many other types of niche slings exist in the firearms world. The two basic types of slings are the one-point sling and the two-point sling. Most slings are made of nylon, but there are also exotic slings for example. B. the Ryker sling. word-image-9032

Belt length view

The length of your sling depends largely on how you want to use it. Slings for AR rifles, or combat rifles in general, must be adjustable in length so that they can be moved from the carry to the shooting position without leaving slack in the slings that can snag.

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Use of loops to improve accuracy

Slings do a lot more than just keep your gun with you. Slings can also be used to immediately improve accuracy when shooting by hand by adding a 5th sight. Provide a point of contact. TFBTV made an excellent video on this topic, which you can watch here.

Does my gun need a sling?

To be fair, yes, your gun needs a sling. In our opinion, every gun needs one, if only to carry it safely.

Do slings make shooting easier?

Most slings allow you to use your hand without the trigger to support the rifle by wrapping the sling around your elbow and tightening it. This levels the rifle and improves accuracy. For more information on this technique, see the video in the article above.

About the author

word-image-3706 Luke Cuenco. Luke writes regularly for TheFirearmBlog.com, OvertDefense.com, AllOutdoor.com, and of course .com. Luke is a competitive shooter, gun enthusiast, reloader, outdoorsman and generally interested in all things outdoors. Luke is also a licensed private pilot and is in the process of obtaining his commercial pilot’s license in hopes of becoming a professional pilot. Luke’s other interests are all things aerospace and defense, and American Conservatory activities. Instagram: @ballisticaviation YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BallisticAviation thefirearmblog.com/blog/author/luke-c/ overtdefense.com/author/luke-c/ alloutdoor.com/author/lukec/ We are committed to finding, researching and recommending the best products. We receive commissions for purchases you make through the links in our product reviews. Learn more about how it works.The rifle sling is one of those iconic pieces of military equipment that we’ve seen in countless war movies and TV shows. It’s something that every soldier needs, especially when they are in the field. (Okay, maybe they don’t need rifle slings in the field…but they do need them. Trust us.) Chances are you’ve used a rifle sling before, but do you know how to use one properly? That’s where we come in. We’re going to take a look at several different types of rifle slings, and explain how to best use each type.. Read more about custom rifle slings and let us know what you think.

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