Diego Torres is a Spanish singer born on November 8, 1985 in Alicante. His vocal characteristics have been compared to those of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. In 2007 he won the contest “Selecciones TVE” as lead singer for his band La Vida Bohème

Diego Torres is an American singer-songwriter. He was born in Texas and raised in New York City. He has released three albums, “Diego Torres” (2012), “The Other Side of the River” (2014) and “Lights Out” (2016). Read more in detail here: diego torres songs.

Diego Torres is a three-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Argentine pop singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor who has dabbled in a variety of genres including Latin pop, tropical music, and even rock & roll. He is the illustrious Lolita Torres’s son.

Torres’ first band, Macca, was founded when he was still in his teens. He started his acting career in 1989, with a three-year stint in the television serial Nosotros y los Otros; he has appeared in several telenovelas. He was still with Macca and attempting to obtain a record contract while acting. They broke up in 1991 due to internal strife and members’ differing professional objectives. Torres persisted in pursuing a solo music career and was signed to a record label a year later. Diego Torres was first published in 1992 and has since sold over 200,000 copies. He got a part in the play El Zorro with actor Pablo Rago almost simultaneously that year. In 1994, he returned to the studio and released Tratar de Estar Mejor. It showcased his ability to produce reggae, ballads, and pop-funk. “Deja de Pedir Perdón,” the title tune, and “San Salvador” were both successful singles. He marketed the album by traveling across Spain and Latin America, as well as making numerous television appearances. Over 700,000 copies of the record were sold worldwide.

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Luna Nueva He collaborated with producer Celso Valli on his upcoming effort. They recorded in a variety of places, including Los Angeles and Bologna. In 1996, Luna Nueva was published. Before going on tour, he starred in the Juan Bautista Stagnaro picture La Furio, which became one of the most successful films in Argentina that year, with the soundtrack CD selling over half a million copies thanks to a promotional tour.

Tal Cual Es Torres did not record again until the beginning of 1999. The popular song “Qué Será” was included on the album Tal Cual Es. It didn’t sell as well as its predecessors, but it was owing to Argentina’s economic difficulties. In 1998, the nation experienced a deep recession, from which it did not recover until 2002.

Un Mundo Diferente Torres’ most hopeful album, released in 2001, was a response to the crisis as an artist. Un Mundo Diferente was recorded in Buenos Aires and Miami and included a fusion of various Latin rhythmic genres, all with a contemporary pop flair. Its catchy hit song “Color Esperanza,” co-written by Cachorro López and Coti Sorokin, gave it a boost. It topped the charts in Argentina and came in second in Venezuela. The song became a hopeful anthem. It was translated into many languages and performed by Latin American kids.

Diego Torres: MTV Unplugged MTV Unplugged was released in 2004 on the television network. It included Julieta Venegas, Vicentico, and La Chilinguita, in addition to his own personal performances and tales.

Andando In 2006, Torres released the star-studded Andando. Juan Luis Guerra Afo Verde, Joaqun Sabina, and Luis Cardozo, among others, had guest performances on the album, which was recorded in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and the Dominican Republic. Its popularity was aided by the single’s title tune, which featured Guerra. Over 600,000 copies were sold.

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Distinto The title of Distinto, released in 2010, signaled a change in approach. Torres embraced rock and hip-hop more openly without sacrificing his distinctive pop sound. On “Mirar Atrás,” Iberian rapper Mala Rodrguez, the Orishas’ Yotuel on “Cuando No Queda Nada,” and the legendary Argentine musician Kevin Johansen on “Bendito,” the album benefited from guest appearances by Iberian rapper Mala Rodrguez, the Orishas’ Yotuel, and the legendary Argentine musician Kevin Johansen. He followed it up with a two-year long, arduous tour that brought him across the world, including his first visits to several European nations. In 2013, he became a father and starred in the films Los Vecinos en Guerra and Papeles en el Viento. He spent the most of 2014 at home with his wife and kid, bonding with them.

Buena Vida Torres released a new song, “Hoy Es Domingo,” a duet with the renowned salsero Ruben Blades, via Sony in July of 2015. The song, which blended tropical and Latin rhythms, reached the Top 20 on the Latin Pop Songs chart, as well as the Hot Latin Songs and Tropical Airplay charts. On the same day as the full-length, Buena Vida, a second single, “La Vida Es un Vals,” was released. The album stayed in the Latin Top 25 for seven weeks. Torres was honored into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in October.

Diego Torres is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has collaborated with many artists such as Imagine Dragons, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera. Reference: diego torres collaborations.

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