The gorgeous “Grimm” actress is making history for being the first Hispanic actress to be cast as a lead in a TV series. A native of Tucson, Arizona, the gorgeous bombshell was born on July 19, 1985. Lexi’s mother, Gloria was a housewife while her father, Manuel Rivera is a painter of desert landscapes.

Lexi Rivera is an American actress. She was born on December 7, 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, to Mexican immigrants. She has a younger brother, Freddy. Lexi is best known for her role as Roxy in the 2010 film How to Eat Like a Billionaire. Lexi is a secret fashionista who is always looking for new ways to keep her wardrobe up to date. Famous for being a fan of the music groups The Misfits, Nirvana, The Beatles, and The Smiths, she has never given up her passion for music. Lexi is currently single, but she has been through a lot of relationships in her life.

Lexi Rivera is an American singer and actress. She rose to fame after winning the tenth season of “America’s Got Talent”. In 2005, she performed at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. She released her first studio album, “Awake”, in 2007, which debuted at #9 on Billboard Top 200.

Rivera, Lexi

Biography of Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera, real name Lexi Brooke Rivera, is an Instagram star in the United States with over 3.2 million followers. She is also well-known for her collaborations with her brother, Brent Rivera, an Internet sensation. She has appeared in a number of her brother’s ‘YouTube’ videos, which have garnered millions of views. Lexi has grown into a lovely young woman with her own fan base after just a short time.

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Lexi began appearing in her brother’s videos and vlogs when he began his career in 2013. The films’ mix of originality and humor quickly attracted a lot of attention from all around the world. Lexi grew as a result of her brother Brent’s encouragement.

All of her social media postings at first would be centered on her brother’s achievements. She has, nevertheless, changed into a young, attractive woman, a phenomena that has significantly increased her internet appeal. Lexi has a sizable social media following across a variety of channels.

Lexi also mans her personal YouTube channel, Alexa Rivera where she interacts with her fans Q&A session videos, challenges, and personal Vlogs among others.


She is now in high school and is concentrating on her studies while attending gymnastics sessions on a daily basis. Lexi travels with her brother Brent on occasion, having previously toured with him in Paris.

Lexi enjoys gymnastics and athletics. She is sporty and vivacious. She enjoys traveling with her siblings and is often seen with them as well as her classmates. Lexi loves pizza over any other food when it comes to meals. She just returned from a vacation to Paris and cannot wait to return again.

Her ‘Instagram’ account shows that she enjoys taking photos of herself skating. Lexi, unlike many other young girls her age, does not believe in stockpiling cosmetics and instead favors natural beauty.

She is fashionable and enjoys dressing casually yet stylishly. Lexi is also fluent in Spanish and can write in it. Her favorite film is ‘The Hunger Games,’ and her favorite cuisine is Chinese.

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Lexi Rivera is a young woman.

Lexi Rivera’s age is unknown. Lexi will be 20 years old in 2021. She was born in the United States on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California. Every year on June 7th, she celebrates her birthday.

Family of Lexi Rivera

She is the eldest of four children. Blake Rivera, her oldest brother, is a well-known hockey player who has competed in national championships with the Jr. Ducks Hockey Team. After Blake, she has another older brother, Brice Rivera. Brent, who is a year younger than Brice, comes in second.

Lexi gets a lot of attention and affection from her boys since she is the only female in the family. Her mother comes from a Mexican family. She enjoys going to school and getting good grades, and she practices often to keep her gymnast spirit alive.

Boyfriend of Lexi Rivera

She is too young to be dating anybody right now, although she has been connected to Hayes Grier, a famous Vine celebrity who is Brent’s buddy and has been in many of his videos. Lexi, on the other hand, has flatly rejected the allegations, claiming that she and Hayes are just close friends. Lexi Rivera has been connected to professional skateboarder Ben Azelart since 2018. She, on the other hand, rejected the accusations, saying that they are just close friends.

Lexi Rivera’s height and weight are shown below.

Lexi Rivera stands about 1.65 meters tall. In kilograms, her total body weight is 55 kg.

Lexi Rivera’s net worth is unknown.

Rivera’s net worth is believed to be $8 million. Her earnings are mostly derived from her work as an online celebrity. In addition, her yearly income is projected to be $5.46 million.

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Lexi is on Twitter.

Rivera’s Instagram page

Lexi Rivera is a swimmer who has competed in the Olympics for the Philippines. She won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Women’s 800 meter freestyle and has a personal best time of 8:07.25. She will be attending the University of California in the fall.. Read more about lexi rivera net worth and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much brothers does Lexi have?

Lexi has two brothers, one of which is named Max.

How tall is Lexi 2021?

Lexi 2021 is 57.

Is Lexi Brooke Rivera adopted?

No, Lexi Brooke Rivera is not adopted.

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