Alexandra Dulauroy is the former girlfriend of Samuel Umtiti. The two were together for a little over a year and broke up in April of 2014, just before the start of the 2014 World Cup. Dulauroy is an investment banker by day, and Umtiti was her main hobby and motivation to pursue the sport of soccer.

From a quiet childhood in the suburbs of Paris to the boozy party scene of Ibiza, Alexandra Dulauroy’s life is one filled with experiences, from modelling to boxing and even wagering on horses. But it’s a more serious matter that attracts most attention—her relationship with Samuel Umtiti. From what the media reports, the couple met in August 2016 and were engaged in April 2017. But on Sept. 13, the couple announced they had parted ways.

With a name that’s the onomatopoeia of a snort, Alexandra Dulauroy has to be one of the most marketable celebrities we’ve ever come across. She’s a model, heiress, businesswoman, TV presenter and former girlfriend of Soccer superstar Samuel Umtiti. In her spare time you might see her on the cover of Paris Match or the pages of Vogue and Elle, or perhaps attending the Cannes Film Festival.

Prepare to meet Samuel Umtiti’s ex-GF, a model-turned-entrepreneur! Samuel Umtiti has become a household name in the football world as a result of his distinctive approach to the game. He came from modest beginnings in football and spent the most of his time focusing on the game. Umtiti first made headlines in 2017 when he was seen with a stunning woman. Alexandra Dulauroy was her name, and she dated the player for a few months before breaking up with him. Although the football community may have forgotten about her, this incredible lady needs to be recognized.

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She was a model in the past.

She is from a Colombian family and was born in Lyon, France. Her family and upbringing remain unknown to her, and she has no plans to disclose them. Alexandra’s excellent looks, according to some reports, have helped her get numerous modeling gigs in the past. She has participated in a number of bikini contests and continues to work out in order to maintain her toned physique. She worked as an administrative manager at Capi Ombre in Rhone-Alpes, France.

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Umtiti’s relationship with her was always kept a secret.

Umtiti appeared with Alexandra between 2016 and late 2017, prompting suspicions of a romance. Alexandra was never spotted by the paparazzi again after the couple broke up in early 2018. The player and Alexandra had no ties or turmoil when their relationship ended, and they each went their own ways. She faded from the spotlight as a result of the split, but she continued on with her life. Alexandra found her happy place within a year after her separation, but it was never apparent how serious they were about the relationship.

She was able to move on quickly.

By November of last year, the stunning brunette had found love with a new guy. They avoided the cameras, and he never disclosed his true identity to the world, but their connection grew quickly. It’s unknown how she and her current boyfriend met, but they hit it off right away. Alexandra has already established a connection with a new guy before the end of 2018. She and her current partner have two children. They also collaborate in the same profession and have the same children.

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Alexandra and her new partner have two children, and she posts a few pictures of them on social media. Despite her decision to leave the modeling business, she maintains her attractive physique. Alexandra still looks youthful for her age, despite having two children. She turned 30 in 2018, so she’s probably in her early thirties now.

As a businesswoman, she found her dream job.

Alexandra used to be a model, but she now seems to be in a new line of employment. Her current spouse and she seem to operate in the Rhone-Alpes real estate business, restoring and renting homes. Alexandra’s new job may not offer her with the same level of luxury as a WAG, but she definitely lives in style. She has traveled much and has a pleasant life with her partner.

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She is a person who is both extroverted and introverted.

Her new relationship with her partner indicates that she is a family-oriented individual. Alexandra is a simple person who thinks rationally and understands exactly what she wants. Her ex-celebrity boyfriend’s was probably not her cup of tea, since she dislikes interacting with large groups of people.

1628679140_121_Who-Is-Alexandra-Dulauroy-Meet-The-Business-Savvy-Optimistic-Ex-WAG-Ofcourtesy of Instagram

Her Instagram does provide a peek into her life, but unlike many other celebrities, she has never openly revealed her personal problems. She also doesn’t post very frequently, implying that social media is just a minor aspect of her life. Alexandra, on the other hand, has been increasingly active on Instagram in recent days. She is also a modest individual who does not like to brag about her accomplishments or position.

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Alexandra loves fashion but lacks the time to partake in it. She is an entrepreneur and a mother of two, so she is always busy. This busy bee doesn’t have time to pose for the camera, but a few beautiful pictures will suffice for her admirers. Alexandra is an excellent example of someone who pursues her dreams.

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