Daniela Ospina is not a household name in the world of football, but she has a big impact on Real Madrid. The Colombian beauty is not only the ex-wife of Real Madrid footballer James Rodriguez, but she also holds an important role in his life. A former model and actress, Daniela has had a number of high profile relationships in her career, and now she is celebrating her 30th birthday.

This is the story of a Colombian beauty and model turned sports pundit and friend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Daniela Ospina is a Colombian-born Spanish model and businesswoman who is a former wife of James Rodriguez. The couple was married from 2013 to 2016. They have a daughter, Zoe. She also has a son named Joaquin. In 2018, she is dating with Colombian soccer player Radamel Falcao.. Read more about james rodriguez wife and let us know what you think.

James Rodriguez is a famous player among the women since he is a hard worker. The professional football hottie previously had the ideal lady at his side, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to part ways with her. This article is about James’ ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, a multi-talented lady.

Her family places a high value on ambition and success.

Daniela, the multi-talented athlete, was born in the month of September 1992. Her father is Hernan Ospina, and her mother is Lucia Ramirez. Her hometown is Itagui, Antioquia, Columbia. Her elder brother is football player David Ospina. Daniela comes from a sporting and competitive family. Her elder brother, David Ospina, is a goalkeeper for Napoli and the Columbian National Team.

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In their sports endeavors, many athletes do not reach the same degree of accomplishment as these two brothers. Both grew up to be professional sportsmen, earning recognition and reputation for their exceptional abilities in their chosen sports.

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She Remains Friends With Rodriguez Despite Their Divorce

Daniela Ospina married Colombian James Rodriguez, a member of the Bayern Munchen National Team. The couple married in a spectacular ceremony on December 24, 2010. In July 2017, the pair announced their peaceful divorce after a six-year marriage. Daniela did not want to relocate to Germany with the player since her company would suffer as a result. Their daughter, Salome Rodriguez Ospina, was born in May 2013. Despite the fact that Daniela is a wonderful lady in her own right, she is often referred to as his famous ex-wife, putting her in his shadow. This is not, however, a position she wants to stay in for long. There has been no indication that she is dating anybody since the couple split. She keeps her personal life private and avoids sharing it on social media if she is in a relationship. She is focusing on her job and parenting her kid, knowing her active attitude.

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Daniela is a firm believer in lifelong learning.

Ospina attended the Grancolombiano Polytechnic University Institution after graduating from high school in Columbia. She made the decision to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The athlete earned her degree in April 2016 after completing all of the prerequisites. She is not financially supported by her professional sports career. She prepared the path for a distinct career by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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She is a true entrepreneur.

Despite not being her first choice of employment, Daniela Ospina has some professional modeling experience. She has featured in a few Brandfit Columbia clothing ads. Joy Staz Jeans commercials also featured the model. It shows that she has a diverse background and is also a fashionista.

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In her commercial endeavors, she put her expertise to good use. Her sports apparel brand is called Danfive. Daniela started her clothing business on the internet and sells her goods exclusively via it.

She is a huge fan of social media and entertainment.

Daniela enjoys social media because of her outgoing nature. She is a highly outgoing person who uses social media to interact with her fans and promotes her DanFive online sportswear business. Daniela has almost 5 million followers on social media.

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Daniela is knowledgeable in television, social media, sports, and entrepreneurship. She was a television presenter for Colombia’s “Caracol” station. The badminton player has also served as a brand ambassador for Nacar Makeup and appeared on numerous Colombian television programs to discuss sports and lifestyle. Her popularity grew when she appeared on the Colombian version of “Dances with the Stars.” Daniela Ospina is a 27-year-old lady with a long list of accomplishments. Ospina has a lot of life ahead of her, and she is such a lively person that we can see her succeeding in anything she sets her mind to. Daniela’s ascension to the top is due entirely to her devotion and hard work.

We believe she has the potential to pursue a variety of careers while continuing to play professional volleyball. The world is her playground, and she has the drive, ambition, and intellect to succeed. Daniela is an inspiring lady who serves as an excellent role model for young people all around the globe.

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