Sara Salamo is the girlfriend of Spanish football player Isco. Her figure is very similar to Barbie doll and she is a TV presenter and model.

In a recent interview, Real Madrid player Isco showed America his girlfriend Sara Salamo. The model and social media influencer has been in a relationship with the Spanish national team player since 2015. She has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and is known for her blonde hair and blue eyes. Since they tied the knot, Isco has become the highest paid player in Spain, earning more than $4 million per year.

Spanish footballer Isco is known to be a great player. The Real Madrid celebrity has left football fans in complete awe several times by showcasing his talent on the field. However, the sport is not the only thing Isco that fills him with passion. After two failed relationships, he finally found the love of his life in 2017. You can find out everything about this gorgeous lady below.

Prettiest Combination of Features You Will Ever See

The picture you see is of the gorgeous Canarian lady, Sara Sálamo. She is the girlfriend of the Spanish football player, Isco Alarcon. The brunette was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on January 20, 1992, making her 29 years old at present. However, she looks nowhere close to this number! Her big eyes, plump lips, high cheekbones, and dense, lustrous hair make her look a lot younger. Her innocent, doll-like face combined with the sexy figure has left people stunned. Her natural beauty is a clear indication of the divine, genetic blessing she has received from her family, especially her mother.

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Sara’s Incredible Work

Her looks are not the only thing that’s great about her. She is also an actress who has worked alongside famous personalities like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. She worked with these celebrities in the 2018 movie Everybody Knows, playing the role of Rocio. The same year, she starred in two other great films – The Glorious Seven and Dark Building. In 2016, Sara played a stewardess in the Andy Tennant movie Wild Oats with two other actresses – Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lange.

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Her acting career began early at 11 years old, where she starred in a short film directed by her father. It ignited her love for acting, following which she enrolled in extracurricular theatre classes till age 18. The exotic features combined with her passion for acting helped her rise in the competitive world industry. If you are a fan of Spanish movies and television series, there’s a good chance that you have seen Sara before. Her acting skills are top-notch, thanks to her 18 years of experience and talent. She is currently promoting her new “El año de la furia”/”the year of fury” on her social media.

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Sara’s Love Story Began on Social Media

Sara’s Instagram account has also gained a large fan following, consisting of football and television enthusiasts. Her Instagram currently has 903k followers. It was where Isco virtually courted Sara for months, allowing their relationship to bloom and strengthen. The pair was once seen enjoying a theatre date together, which confirmed their relationship in October 2017. Since then, they have stayed strong through thick and thin.

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Both Sara and Isco frequently support each other on their respective social media handles. Before Isco, the actress was involved with her fellow actor Raúl Mérida between 2012 and 2017.

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Unfortunately, the actress has had to face social backlash by some football fans on two separate occasions. The fans blamed her for Isco’s declined performance on the field. Sara, being the strong, outspoken woman she is, defended herself with utmost grace.

Her Lovely Family

Today, the 29 year old has two children with Isco – Theo Alarcón Sálamo and Piero Alarcón Sálamo. Sálamo and Isco both took a break from their respective careers ahead of Theo’s birth.

The footballer has a son from one of his previous relationships, Francisco Alarcon Calderon, born in 2014. She is also an animal lover since her family includes five dogs, one of which was adopted from a rescue home in May last year.

Bold About Intimate Details

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Sara is also quite open about her sexual intimacy with Isco. At one point, she mentioned that the couple had a competitive life amid the busy, fast lives. She spilled these beans on the Spanish TV show La Resistencia, where she reported not wanting to come to the show until they could manage to get intimate once every day.

Sara is a kind, happy and beautiful woman. She is highly productive and versatile as an actress, evident from the number of movies and shows to her name. The perfect mother to her children and the ideal wife to her husband, Sara has everything under her control.

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