Gabrielle Union is an American actress and model. She has appeared in several movies and shows, including “The Perfect Score” and the “Bad Boys” franchise. Her spouse is the NBA superstar Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade (born Dwyane Tyrone Wade on June 13, 1977) has been married to Gabrielle Union since 2002. Before they were married, Wade was an aspiring basketball player, and Union was a dancer. Their relationship was one of the most talked-about in the US, thanks to the constant spotlight it received. As of 2015, the couple has two children: Zaire Wade (born June 22, 2005) and Zion Wade (born December 21, 2006).

Former Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, is a successful model, actress, and author of “Yes I’m a Girl: And Other Adventures”. She’s also well known for her marriage and her ex-husband, Dwyane Wade.

We look at the life of an American actor named Gabriel Union. She is the wife of former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. This versatile man plays many roles in his life. Check out a few of them with us.

Biography of an African-American actress

Gabrielle Monique Union was born on 29. October 1972, born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her father, Sylvester E. Union, was a military sergeant and Mother Teresa was a social worker. Her family moved to California when she was young. Gabrielle graduated from Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California and received her undergraduate degree from the University of California.

Gab has never made a mistake in his life. – via Imgur

When did Gabriel and Dwyane go out?

Dwyen, who was previously married to his high school sweetheart Siohwon Funchess, divorced her in 2007. Soon after, he started dating Gabrielle. Although the basketball player was not divorced from his first wife, the couple continued to date.

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HISTORY: The 25 sexiest women and girlfriends in the NBA (photos and stories).

Is Gabrielle married to Dwyen? How many children do you have?

Although the couple has been together for a while, they have their differences. Gabi and Dwyane even broke up briefly in early 2013. But in late 2013, the star proposed to the actress. They got engaged in December of the same year and married on December 30. August 2014 in Miami. The couple have one child together, a daughter, who was born on the 7th. November 2018 born. They used a surrogate mother to give birth.

Dwyane and Gabriel are still strong. Gabrielle is irreplaceable. – About Imgur

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Has she had other significant relationships in the past?

Her first relationship was in high school, when she had a courtship with Jason Kidd. He broke with her, but they reconciled briefly as adults. Nothing ever came of that relationship. Former NFL player Chris Howard was Gabriel’s next big scalp. She met him at a party in 1999, married in 2001 and divorced in 2005. There were also rumors that she was dating Darren Sharper and Ludacris before she met Dwyane. This woman has a thing for professional athletes.

She’s not surprised that athletes are courting her. Look at them. Why is that? – via Imgur

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How has Gabrielle Union’s career progressed?

Gabby began her acting career in 1993 when she appeared in an episode of
Family Matters. She then played Hilary/Jennifer in the teen sitcom Saved by the Bell: A new class. Кэти романтической комедии 1999 года Габриэль в кино ста Катарина Кэти Дарлингсон комедии 1999 года Она – это все. Since then, the actress has starred in more than 30 films and made several television appearances. The star has also been featured in music videos and was a judge on season 14 of America’s Got Talent.

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Gabrielle’s career is about to reach a new level. Especially after the producers read what we have to say. – About Imgur

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Gabrielle Union Body statistics

This lady is almost 50 years old, but have you looked at her pictures? She is in excellent shape and takes careful care of her body. The actress is 1.71m tall and her ideal body size is 36-24-36. She is wearing a size 4 dress, size 10 shoes and her bra size 34B. This spotted beauty’s natural hair color is black, as are her eyes.

20 of the most beautiful and delicious players in the NBA

Take good care of your body and the rest will come naturally. – via Imgur

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Unknown Facts about Gaby

With a degree in sociology, this spotted beauty didn’t even want to act. She pursued a career in law, but had to take on roles to pay off her student debt. The lady started to like it, and here we are. Gabrielle was featured on the cover of Savoy Magazine and twice on Maxim’s 100 Sexiest Women list. Gab was also on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list in 2007 and 2008. She is the niece of American rapper Saviti and is a big Cornhusker and football fan.

** All images in this post are from Instagram/external sources. We are not the owner of these photos **.Gabrielle Union is the wife of NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade and this can make her a very rich woman. Gabrielle Union was born on 5th December, 1968 and she has been married to Dwyane Wade since 2000.. Read more about how many kids does gabrielle union have and let us know what you think.

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