There are so many women in this world who are willing to sacrifice everything for their man, even if it means becoming a celebrity for their man.

Marko Lala is the most famous footballer in the world. He is the captain of the Serbian national team and is the most expensive player in the history of the world football. The 21 year old striker, who plays for the Italian team Juventus, also plays for the Serbian national team.

The former WAG of Marko Vidakovic, Sarah Arnautovic, is a Serbian celebrity who was born on March 21, 1985. She presently serves as the WAG of Marko’s current and former soccer players, Marko Vidakovic and Vedad Ibisevic. She was widely spotted in the tabloids when she started dating Marko’s then-girlfriend, Nevena Markovic.

Marko Arnautovic was in the headlines a few years ago because of his anger management problems. He’s a great player, but he has trouble keeping his cool on the field. Marko is fortunate in that he has someone who assists him and is always around him. Sarah Arnautovic, his wife, is the rock that keeps him grounded, and this piece is about her.

She had a hard time making Marko fall in love with her.

Sarah Arnautovic is a woman of Polish and German heritage. Marko and her met at a Bremen disco and hit it off right away. Sarah worked as a medical practitioner and model back then. Her communication abilities, honed over many years in the medical profession, could make anybody feel at ease. For the first time in his football career, Marko felt understood and grounded as a consequence. His wrath was calmed by her calm but assertive attitude, and his on-field composure improved. Within days of meeting one other, they were head over heels in love, and their relationship has only grown stronger over time.

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She Is The Only One Who Can Make Him Feel At Ease

In addition, the blonde beauty devised a simple yet efficient method for keeping the football player calm during games. A simple squeeze from Sarah is all it takes for the player to regain his composure. It wasn’t long before they married in 2012 and had a daughter before Marko moved to Stoke City. Sarah left her medical and modeling jobs when their daughter Emilia was born to become a full-time housewife. Another daughter, Alicia, was born to the couple.

She is no longer a fan of social media.

Sarah was active on social media a few years ago, but she is no longer. She most likely wants to concentrate on her family rather than cope with the constant attention from social media. Her spouse, as we all know, has rage problems, which may draw unnecessary negative attention to her. For the time being, she lives in seclusion, surrounded solely by her family and close friends. Marko follows her requests and keeps her postings on his Facebook page to a minimal.

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Her personality is a mash-up of all positive traits.

Sarah’s calm demeanor enables her to successfully handle tumultuous circumstances. She makes rational decisions without allowing emotions to impair her judgment. Sarah maintains a professional demeanor at work and strives to be on time at all times. She is modest and compassionate, yet she does not hold back when it comes to expressing her opinion. Her ability to speak effectively allows her to form real connections with others. Sarah, on the other hand, prefers to keep her circle of close friends and family limited.

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She has a background in modeling.

Sarah can keep her thoughts free by utilizing fashion, thanks to her modeling experience. She enjoys dressing up, but prefers to keep things simple and elegant. When she attends football games, Sarah makes it a point to blend in with the throng. She used to share photos of herself in bikinis with her female gang while she was modeling.

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Sarah retains a good-looking body despite her departure from the modeling business. She is aware of the food and fitness needs that may help her appear her best. Sarah looks youthful and fit despite being a mother of two. Her self-disciplined approach to life guarantees that she achieves all of her objectives regardless of the circumstances.

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Sarah’s net worth is unclear, however she is likely to have an opulent lifestyle. She earned a lot of money modeling and practicing medicine, and she married into a rich family. Because of her WAG status and Marko’s extensive history, her family will be self-sufficient even if she does not work. However, since she hasn’t shared her personal life with fans in a long time, there’s no way of knowing her present job situation. She might have continued her job and decided to be an independent woman, for all we know.

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Sarah is Marko’s ideal wife as well as Emilia’s ideal mother. It’s a difficult task to keep someone grounded amid a crisis, but Sarah is up to the task. Sarah is a role model for her family because she is bright, kind, funny, and unselfish. Despite the criticism, she is the ideal role model for women who quit their professions to care for their families.

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If you’re not familiar with the names Sarah Arnautovic or Marko Lakić, we suggest you familiarize yourselves with them. The pair have been a couple for now a few years and have been engaged in a relationship that has been fueled by their success in football. The 28-year old Arnautovic is a Serbian international footballer who plays as a center back for German side FC Bayern Munich Women. The defender has been a member of the national team since 2016 and had previously played for both her hometown’s Vojvodina and her club’s FK Jug at the top level of women’s football. As for the 34-year old Lakić, he is a Serbian international footballer who plays as a striker for German. Read more about marko arnautovic salary and let us know what you think.

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