Grant Hill is one of the most well known players in the NBA. He has been a member of the Indiana Pacers since 1997 and has also played for the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns. He is married to Tamia Hill.

Tamia Hill became known as the “Princess of the Motor City” for her work in promoting the Motor City’s racing and automotive industry at her events and sponsorship of charity. Her most notable accomplishment has been the accomplishments of her three sons. Two of her sons, Corey and Corey Jr. were the first two African-American drivers to win a NASCAR national championship. Another son, Leroy “JR” Gregory is a three-time NASCAR Busch Series champion.

Grant Hill’s wife is a successful singer-songwriter, Tamia Hill. In a field that is often dominated by men, Tamia has proven herself to be a successful competitor. Grant Hill may be one of the most popular basketball players in history, but his wife has found her own success in the music industry.

Grant Hill may have retired from basketball a long time ago, but his wife Tamia Hill is still very much alive today. Learn more about this talented Canadian performer by reading our article.

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A Black Canadian singer’s biography 

Tamia Marilyn Washington Hill was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on May 9, 1975. Barbara Washington-Peden, her mother, is black and her father is white. Tamia grew raised in Canada with her mother and three younger brothers, graduating from Walkerville High School and then attending the Walkerville Collegiate Institute in Windsor.

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Tamia Hill’s childhood – How it all started!

Tamia’s mother, a devoted churchgoer, was the one who introduced our heroine to her religion. Tamia, at six years old, began singing in church. Tamia had become extremely excellent at what she did as a pastime by the time she was twelve. Eugene Davis, a Windsor-based musician, started teaching the little child music lessons. She worked hard to perfect her talents and was awarded the YTV Vocal Achievement Award in 1993. 

Tamia Hill’s professional life

Tamia continued on with her work after experiencing success. In 1994, the young woman relocated to Los Angeles and began working with Lionel Richie’s wife. After being seen by Quincy Jones during one of her performances, Tamia was invited to participate in Q’s Jook Joint. Despite the fact that the album was not a financial success, fans and reviewers alike praised the young lady’s efforts. For her work with Quincy, she earned three Grammy nominations. Tamia was her first studio album, which she released not long after. Everything she’s done since then has just served to show that this lady isn’t a fluke.

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Tamia and Grant Hill are a couple. What brought them together?

We forget that superstars are also regular people. They do everything we do, experience all of our emotions, and struggle with life in the same way we do. When we learn about it, we can connect to them and eventually realize that their lives are not all that dissimilar to ours. Tamia, a talented vocalist, was having trouble finding a suitable partner. Grant had similar challenges throughout his life. Tamia was set up on a blind date with Grant in 1996 thanks to singer Anita Baker. The player was in Detroit at the time, and following their first encounter in the city, the two appeared to get along. They started dating when they realized how much they liked each other.

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1627730513_808_Who-is-Tamia-Hill-Interesting-facts-about-Grant-Hills-wifeGrant has been there for her through it all. That is something for which he should be commended. — courtesy of Instagram

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Tamia’s relationship with Grant Hill and their family

Three years after meeting for the first time, Tamia and Grant had had enough. Grant had previously asked her to marry him, and the two married in Battle Creek, Michigan, on July 24, 1999. The ceremony was presided over by Grant’s cousin, and approximately 250 people were in attendance. In January 2002, Tamia and Grant Hill had their first child, a daughter named Myla Grace. This couple had to wait five years for their second child, another daughter named Lael Rose.

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Tamia Hill has overcome adversity.

Tamia had created a lovely family with Grant Hill and their lovely daughter Myla. Life, on the other hand, has its own method of dealing with individuals. When Tamia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, tragedy hit this lovely family. Her life was flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She took a break from her errands to focus on her health. Tamia was able to control the illness with the assistance of some of the finest physicians in the world. She overcame the terrifying illness and was able to resume her regular life. Her thoughts would have been the only thing that could have stopped her. Tamia wouldn’t let that happen. She was, and continues to be, a warrior and survivor. 

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Grant Hill is a professional basketball player and long-time NBA star who is married to the singer Tamia Hill. Grant Hill is b…. Read more about tamia hill net worth and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Tamia married to?

Tamia was married to a man named Damon Dash.

When did Tamia get married?

Tamia got married in the year of 1992.

Does Grant Hill wife have MS?

I am not able to answer that question.

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