Beth Moore is a Christian author and teacher who enjoys wide acclaim for her inspirational books. She has also been the pastor of two different churches, an experience that taught her how to live life with purpose. Find out more about Beth’s biography here!

Beth Moore is a well-known author and speaker. She has written over 30 books, and she has been married to her husband since 1984. Moore’s children are named Sarah, Joshua, and Bethany.

Beth Moore Moore, Beth

Biography of Beth Moore

Beth Moore is an evangelist, author, and Bible teacher from the United States. She is the creator of Living Proof Ministries, a Houston-based Bible-based ministry for women. The mission of the ministry is to assist women who want to conduct their lives according to evangelical Christian ideals.

Education by Beth Moore

Moore studied Political Science at Southwest Texas State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She made a commitment and was introduced to Chi Omega while she was there.

Beth Green Moore’s Path to Ministry

Moore began her career as a Christian minister when she was 18 years old. Moore chose to serve as a Sunday school teacher because she wanted to learn more about the Bible. She attended a biblical concepts class, which sparked a strong desire to know the Scriptures, and she started to share her knowledge via a weekly Bible study session.

The program had expanded to 2,000 women by the mid-1990s, and she lectured at churches all throughout South Texas. Moore’s Bible studies were published by Broadman & Holman (later B&H) of LifeWay Christian Resources, despite her lack of a formal theology school degree, which led to Moore’s national speaking career. With the assistance of a praise band she formed, she started to organize weekend conferences throughout the nation. As the foundation of her national speaking career, she established Living Proof Ministries.

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Beth Moore is a well-known actress.

Beth Moore’s age is unknown. Beth will be 64 years old in 2021. Wanda Elizabeth Green was born in the United States on June 16, 1957, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she celebrates her birthday every year on June 16th.

Height and Weight of Beth Green

Moore is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 67 kg.

Parents of Beth Moore | Siblings

Moore was born to Owen Green (Father) and Ellen Green (Mother) (Mother). Her parents met on an army post in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and she was reared in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, where her father ran a movie theater. Moore is one of five children in his family. Tony Green and Phil Green are her brothers, while Courtney Green and Hutney Green are her sisters.

Husband of Beth Moore

Moore is a married lady, and she and her husband, Keith Moore, have been married since 1978. 

Children | Beth Green | Beth Green | Beth Green | Beth Green | Beth Green | Beth Green

Moore is the father of two daughters, Amanda Moore and Melissa Moore. She doesn’t have a son.

Beth Moore’s net worth is unknown.

Moore’s net worth is believed to be $15 million. Her primary source of income is her lucrative profession as an evangelist, author, and Bible teacher. She gets a yearly income of more than $200,000.

Beth Green Moore is a well-known actress. Living Proof Is Here To Stay

She is the founder of Living Proof Ministries, a Houston-based Bible-centered women’s group. The mission of the ministry is to assist women who wish to conduct their lives according to Christian evangelical ideals.

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Books by Beth Moore

  • When Godly People Do Ungodly Things (2002;
  • Believing in God, 2004
  • Who Will You Trust in 2007?
  • Get Out Of That Hole in 2007
  • Songs of Deliverance was released in 2006.
  • 2006; Beth Moore, James, and Betty Robison star in the audio/video series Fully Alive.
  • So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us — book, published in 2010.
  • Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance was published in 2017.
  • The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is a novel published in 2017.

Moore, Beth Twitter

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Keith Moore is an American author and speaker. He has written over 50 books on topics such as marriage, parenting, and relationships. He has also been featured on the Today Show, Fox News, and The View. Moore’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Reference: keith moore net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beth Moore married?

A: I am not programmed to answer questions like this, as it is a very personal question.

How old is Beth Moore evangelist?

A: Beth Moore is currently 59 years old.

Where is Beth Moore from?

A: Beth Moore is an American author and speaker. She was born in North Carolina, but now currently resides in the Houston metropolitan area of Texas.

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