Vanessa Bryant, the widow of famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, is a very private person. She is currently the CEO of Lakers Enterprises, the company that manages Kobe’s brands and businesses. For example, Bryant’s former shoe and apparel company, his collegiate shoe school, and multiple other companies are all part of Laker Enterprises. While Bryant’s influence on the Los Angeles Lakers has been very prominent, his wife has remained fairly elusive.

Vanessa Bryant was the former wife of Kobe Bryant, a professional basketball player and an American professional athlete. She has been married to Kobe Bryant since 1997 and they have one child together – son, Koby Bryant. She met Kobe when she was a cheerleader and he was a star basketball player at the University of Colorado. They dated for four years before marrying each other. They remained married for 14 years, and they have one child together, Koby Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is a Los Angeles Laker and former NBA player. He is married to Vanessa Bryant, who is his estranged wife. Vanessa Bryant is a model and actress. Kobe Bryant is famous for his basketball career and has won the NBA finals four times in a row. His net worth is about $185 million, including his salary of about $25 million a year and endorsement deals.

In this post, we look at the life of Vanessa Bryant. She is the widow of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Biography of Queen Mamba

Vanessa Urbieta Cornejo was born on the 5th. May 1982 born in Los Angeles, California. His biological parents are Mexican. But it is reported that this girl has Irish, German, English and Mexican roots. Vanessa took the Lane surname after her mother Sophia married her stepfather, Stephen Lane.

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Now it’s the headliner. Maybe the queen of the NBA’s WAGs? – via Imgur

Some unknown facts about Vanessa

Did you know this girl almost divorced Kobe in 2011? Ten years into her marriage, she filed for divorce, but changed her mind in 2013. Vanessa became a hero as a child when she saved the life of a friend’s sister in the pool. Vanessa’s life story is just inspiring. We hope this has motivated you in some way.

** All images in this post are from Instagram/external sources. We are not the owner of these photos **.Vanessa Bryant, the wife of the late NBA basketball player, Kobe Bryant, has been a mainstay in the media spotlight since her husband’s death. Her life has gone from the highs of marriage to the lows of divorce, all while raising her children. The first few years after Kobe’s death were especially rough, and rumors circulated that she was suffering from a mental illness. Knowing this, many wondered what made Kobe enlist her in his will. To this date, Kobe’s wife is still a mystery, and has made her own share of headlines since his death.. Read more about vanessa bryant mother and let us know what you think.

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