Rita Marley is the daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley. She has released numerous reggae music albums throughout her career. She is currently popular in the U.S. for her “One Love” concert series.

Rita Marley was born on September 23, 1952 in Kingston, Jamaica, and she is the daughter of Bob Marley and Cedella Booker. She is the eighth child out of 11 children and the youngest child to be born. Her parents did not like her and she did not like them and she did not like their music and did not like their lifestyle and did not like the whole thing.

Rita Marley is a Rastafarian and is married to reggae singer and activist Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley. The couple had married on 30 August 1994 and had later separated on 28 February 2013. Rita Marley was raised by her mother Bette and stepfather Lee “Scratch” Perry. She began her music career as a backing vocalist for Marley. Her first solo album was Released in 2004 and her second one titled “Welcome to My World” was released on 22 December 2006.

Rita Marley’s net worth is unknown.

Rita Marley OD is a Jamaican singer who was born in Cuba and has a net worth of $50 million. Rita is the widow of Bob Marley, the reggae icon and musician, and she was a member of the I Threes, Bob’s backing vocalists. Rita is well recognized for continuing her late husband’s musical legacy while also pursuing a solo career. Rita founded the Bob Marley Foundation, the Bob Marley Group of Companies, and the Bob Marley Trust after Bob’s death in 1981, and she turned their old Kingston house into the Bob Marley Museum in 1986.

Rita’s CDs include “Who Feels It Knows It” (1981) and “We Must Carry On” (1988), as well as the book “No Woman, No Cry: My Life with Bob Marley,” which she published in 2004. She was given the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government in 1996, and the Marcus Garvey Lifetime Award in 2010. Rita has been an honorary citizen of Ghana since 2013, and she received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of the West Indies in 2015. Rita has two Grammy nominations: Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording for “Reggae Sunsplash ’81, A Tribute To Bob Marley” (1982) and Best Reggae Album for “We Must Carry On” (1983). (1991).

The Estate of Bob Marley

Bob Marley was valued $11.5 million at the time of his death in 1981. In today’s money, it would be approximately $30 million. Because his Rastafarian religion forbade him from recognizing his own mortality, Bob died without a will. When someone dies without a will in Jamaica, their widow receives ten percent of the inheritance right away. That was Rita in Bob’s situation. Over time, the widow may amass an additional 45 percent of the estate, bringing her total to 55 percent. The rest is split evenly among any surviving children. When Rita dies, his whole power is shared equally among his surviving children.

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His wife, Rita Marley, faked Bob’s signature on a will that allegedly pre-dated his death with the help of some unscrupulous advisers. This will gave her the bulk of his fortune. When one of Marley’s longstanding business managers learned what had occurred, he began a ten-year court fight that cost $6 million in legal costs, nearly half the estate’s worth.

In the end, a Jamaican court ruled that Chris Blackwell, the owner of Bob Marley’s record label Island Music, would retain control of Marley’s inheritance. Blackwell handled the inheritance via Island Logic Ltd until 2001, when Rita Marley and his 11 acknowledged legitimate children took complete control.

Early Years

Rita Marley was born Alpharita Constantia Anderson in Santiago de Cuba on July 25, 1946. Rita was raised by her Aunt Viola in Kingston, Jamaica, after her parents, Cynthia Jarrett and Leroy Anderson, divorced when she was a toddler. Rita enjoyed singing as a child and won the television show “Lanamans Children’s Hour” with her version of Mario Lanza’s “Our Father- Lord’s Prayer.” Rita attended the Bethesda School of Practical Nursing before meeting Bob Marley in the mid-’60s and became the “Queen of Reggae.”


Rita created the Soulettes with Constantine “Dream” Walker (her cousin) and Marlene “Precious” Gifford after meeting Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and Bob became their manager and mentor. For the Studio One record label, the Soulettes recorded songs including “Friends and Lovers,” “A Deh Pon Dem,” and “That Ain’t Right.” Bob, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Livingston founded the independent record label Wail ‘n’ Soul’m in the summer of 1966, and released numerous 45RPM singles by Bob Marley and the Wailers and Peter Tosh and the Wailers. Rita temporarily replaced Livingston in the Wailers when he was imprisoned for cannabis possession in 1968, and it was at this time that the group met American vocalist Johnny Nash, who produced a number of their rocksteady records. In April 1968, Nash’s manager, Danny Sims, signed Rita, Bob, and Peter to exclusive production, publishing, and management contracts, as well as giving them the option to record songs for Nash, Sims, and musician Arthur Jenkins’ JAD label in the United States. These recordings were published on the album “Freedom Time” in 2003.

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In 1974, Bob formed the trio I Three to provide harmony and back-up vocals for the Wailers after Bunny and Peter left the band. The I Three included Rita, Judy Mowatt, and Marcia Griffiths, and they performed on the Bob Marley & the Wailers albums “Natty Dread” (1974) and “Rastaman Vibration” (1976). Sadly, Bob passed away from cancer on May 11, 1981, at the age of 36. After his death, Rita released a few solo albums that were successful in the U.K., and her 1982 single “One Draw” sold more than two million copies and was the first reggae track to reach #1 on the “Billboard” Disco Chart. In 2000, she founded the Rita Marley Foundation, which is dedicated to working toward “the alleviation of poverty for peoples of developing and less developed countries.” The organization gives scholarships to music students, supports indigent musicians, and rebuilds and refurbishes health care facilities and libraries. In 2006, Rita and The I Three performed on Fergie’s song “Mary Jane Shoes,” which was featured on the 5x Platinum (in the U.S.) album “The Dutchess.” In 2019, she reunited with The I Three to accept the Iconic Award (For a Duo/Group) from the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association.

Personal Experiences

On February 10th, 1966, in Kingston, Jamaica, Rita married Bob Marley. Rita had a daughter called Sharon (born November 23, 1964) from a prior relationship before marrying Bob, and she was adopted by Bob after the wedding. Rita has three children with Bob: Cedella (born August 23, 1967), David (called “Ziggy”), and Stephen (born October 17, 1968). (born April 20, 1972). Stephanie was born on August 17, 1974, and Serita, her second daughter, was born on August 11, 1985. Both Ziggy and Stephen went on to become Grammy-nominated reggae artists. Rita Marley has also “adopted 35 children in Ethiopia, and works diligently to influence their lives in a practical and good way,” according to the Rita Marley Foundation’s website. At their Jamaica house in 1976, Rita and Bob were assaulted by gunmen. Rita was wounded in the head, and a bullet stuck in Bob’s arm. According to reports, the bullet became “lodged between her skull and scalp” and had to be surgically removed.

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Rita claimed that Bob raped her in the early 1970s after she refused to sleep with him due to his adultery when marketing her book in 2004, saying, “Bob was unyielding in his refusal to accept no for an answer. ‘No, you’re my wife, and you’re supposed to,’ he replied. As a result, he pushed himself on me, which I consider rape.” Later, Rita claimed she had been misquoted. In 2005, she announced plans to exhume Bob’s body and bury him in his “spiritual resting place” in Ethiopia, but after the announcement sparked outrage among Jamaicans, a Marley family spokesman issued a statement saying that Jamaica “will remain the resting place for Bob Marley for the foreseeable future.” Rita was hospitalized in Miami in 2016 after having a stroke, and she was the target of a death hoax in January 2021.

Purchasing Real Estate

Rita’s home/recording studio in Ghana’s Akwapim Mountain burnt down in 2010, damaging items worth $20 million. Most of Bob’s original recordings were kept at the “multi-million-dollar studio.” The Marleys also owned “La Randa,” a property in Nassau, Bahamas, which Rita placed on the market in August 2020 for $980,000. On the 45,629 square foot property, the 3,900 square foot mansion has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a one-bedroom guest house.

The youngest daughter of Bob Marley, Rita Marley is a reggae musician, actress and model. In 2007, she became the first female to be nominated for the Best Reggae Album Grammy award for her album, “Family Time”. She is also one of the few reggae musicians to have her own clothing and fragrance lines and has gone on to release four albums and has featured on various collaborations and charity projects.. Read more about bob marley net worth and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest Marley?

Bob Marley was the richest Marley.

Who inherited Bob Marleys fortune?

Bob Marleys estate was left to his children, including his son Ziggy Marley.

What was Bob Marley worth when he died?

Bob Marley was worth $60 million when he died.

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