Jilly Anais is an American model and actress, best known for her appearance in the music video for DJ Khaled’s “I’m the One”, and her dating life with Deshaun Watson.

Jilly Anais is a Twitter user who claims to be the girlfriend of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. In her bio, she writes that she is a fan of Deshaun Watson, a high school student from Gainesville, GA. The only problem is, Jilly Anais is actually a myth, someone who uses a fake name to make a retweets and a number of fake accounts to make it seem like they are a real person.

The biggest story of the 2018 NFL season so far is the relationship between Deshaun Watson, quarterback of the Houston Texans, who is back from a torn ACL, and his girlfriend Jilly Anais. The couple met at Clemson University, where Deshaun played football. They are currently living together in Houston, Texas, and the National Football League playoffs are almost at hand.

Although the accusations against Deshaun Watson are heartbreaking, we are relieved to see that he has a lovely girlfriend in Jilly Anais. You should read this article to learn more about Deshaun’s lovely wife.

Deshaun, keep a firm grip on her. — courtesy of Instagram

A performer’s biography

Jilly was born in the United States on January 2, 1996, in Houston, Texas. Her ancestors are Dutch, Creole, and African American. Jilly’s father is Dutch and Creole, therefore she has a Dutch and Creole ancestry. Her father’s mother was born in Louisiana, while her spouse was born in the Netherlands. Jilly’s mother is from Louisiana as well, although she and her parents relocated to Houston before she was born. Jilly has a younger brother called Jules and attended North Houston’s Premier High School before relocating to Los Angeles.

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1630598890_180_Who-is-Jilly-Anais-Juicy-details-about-Deshaun-Watsons-girlfriendDaddy had no reservations about allowing her to relocate to Los Angeles. There, she found her stride. — courtesy of Instagram

Early career of Jilly Anais

Ms Anais came to Los Angeles when she was eighteen years old. Jilly realized that as a dancer and a performer, she would have a greater chance if she moved to the West Coast. When she arrived at the City of Angels, this young woman did not rest on her laurels. Jilly enrolled in acting lessons to improve her abilities. This Texan, on the other hand, made it big in the music business. In February 2015, she managed to release her first song, “The Juice.” She wrote it with the help of ‘The Invaders,’ and then collaborated with Troi Irons. This lady started to attract attention.

1630598891_619_Who-is-Jilly-Anais-Juicy-details-about-Deshaun-Watsons-girlfriendWe’ve taken note of you now. — courtesy of Instagram

Jilly’s acting career – where did it go?

Ms Anais has always desired to act in front of a camera. She was a zealous follower of her interest. Jilly’s dedication was rewarded with roles in Demi Lovato’s music video for “Cool for the Summer,” Kevin Hart’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” and Morris Chestnut’s “Rosewood.” It was a significant accomplishment for her. Jilly proceeded along this road, appearing on a number of talk programs and television shows. She even established her own YouTube account, which she continued to update on a daily basis, much to the pleasure of her followers.

Jilly’s romantic life. Jilly Anais and Deshaun Watson met in what way and when?

Deshaun, who had some free time, went to a late-night eatery in Tinseltown called Catch. Jilly, who was sitting across the diner, occurred to look at me. Deshaun waved as though he recognized her.

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Top 25 Most Beautiful NFL Wives and Girlfriends

When Jilly waved back, the footballer realized he had a shot with this beauty. Deshaun messaged her four days later on Instagram and managed to set up a hot yoga date for 0730 the next day. He made it to yoga, hung out with her, and then persuaded her to take him on a real date. They agreed to meet for an early supper at about 1700 hours. They sat in one other’s company for the next five and a half hours. This occurred in the spring of this year. They’ve been operating for more than two years and are still going strong.

1630598892_375_Who-is-Jilly-Anais-Juicy-details-about-Deshaun-Watsons-girlfriendShe has no qualms about giving massages. Are you listening, Deshaun? — courtesy of Instagram

Is Jilly Watson’s husband Deshaun Watson? Are they parents to each other’s children?

We have no doubt that Jilly and Deshaun adore one other. They are, however, still a long way from getting married. This couple has no children together.

1630598892_560_Who-is-Jilly-Anais-Juicy-details-about-Deshaun-Watsons-girlfriendJilly’s life is uncomplicated. — courtesy of Instagram

What kind of person is Jilly Anais?

Jilly is a self-motivated social butterfly who sets lofty objectives for herself. To keep herself challenged, she changes the goalposts all the time. Jilly is a lady with big dreams and goals. She considers working out to be the most essential aspect of her life. Jilly Anais is deserving of the finest things in life because she never settles. 


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In an effort to further protect the privacy of the Heisman Trophy winner, the University of Clemson is now releasing a video of her. In the video, Jilly Anais is seen playing with a friend’s dog, watching a movie, and even participating in a “teeth whitening” workshop. The video will be posted on the school’s website, but it will not be made available on any social media platforms, except for Facebook. Jilly is a Clemson sophomore from Deerfield Beach, Florida. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Media Studies.. Read more about dallas robson deshaun watson wife and let us know what you think.

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