Few people know of Thais Valentim, the beautiful wife of soccer star Allan Marques. This beautiful lady enjoys her daily exercise routine, and it seems that she also likes to exercise her mind! She has been known to meet up with friends for coffee and brownie dates, and she’s been seen to attend yoga classes. Thais is also a big fan of a TV show called The Biggest Loser. Should you be an avid fan of the show? Find out more.

Thais Valentim is the wife of Brazilian athlete Allan Marques. She is a fitness-obsessed person, and she lives in the United States. She writes on different fitness related blogs.

Many aspiring football players look up to Allan Marques. He remains concentrated on the game rather than succumbing to the glory, fame, and attention that come with it. Allan’s football career progressed via pure determination, but his love life was a breeze from the start. Thais Valentim, his beautiful WAG, is the subject of this story.

Her whole existence revolves on her family.

Allan Marques Loureiro’s wife, Thais Valentim, is a brunette beauty. They grew up in the same Brazilian neighborhood and were childhood sweethearts. When Allan and Thais married on November 21, 2009, in a lovely ceremony attended by their closest friends and family, they took their romance to the next level. They’re a lovely, fun-loving pair that want to share their joy with others. Their exchanges show that they are very comfortable with one other.

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Thais Valentim’s Instagram may be seen here. This brunette beauty has been the footballer’s greatest supporter from the beginning. Thais and Allan are the happy parents of three lovely children. Thais Valentim’s first child, Miguel, was born on October 5, 2011. On October 31, 2016, Manuela, their second child, was born. In January 2020, she gave birth to Matteo, completing her large and joyful family.

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Everton signed the player in the summer of 2020 after the family resided in Naples from June 2015 to June 2020. As a consequence, they made the decision to move to Liverpool, England. They now live in a lovely house in Liverpool.

She comes from a religious, humble family.

Thais Valentim was born on October 25, 1990, and is 30 years old. Thais was born under the sign of Scorpio, which is her zodiac sign. She is of Brazilian ancestry and was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her faith is Christian, and she comes from a religious family. Her work position is unclear, however she might try her hand in the fashion business based on her looks. As shown by her Instagram, she has posed for a few companies, but she does not consider it a profession. Most offers and chances to work in the fashion industry are likely to be turned down by the beautiful young lady.

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Thais’ father had formerly employed in the wine business. Her mother, Francisca Valentim, was a stay-at-home parent. Thais had a great upbringing since she grew up with two siblings. She never felt lonely as a consequence, and she grew up to be a lovely, outgoing person.

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Thais has an elder sister, Francisca Valentim, and a younger brother, Carlos. Because of her father’s substantial wealth from the wine business, she attended the American School of Rio de Janeiro for her education. Thais had her further education in Rio de Janeiro’s Pontifical Catholic University, which seems to have influenced her religious views.

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She is very conscientious about her health and fitness.

Thais is conscious of how she cares for her body, despite the fact that she does not model or perform. She weighs about 62 kg and is 5’6′′ tall. Her dark brown eyes and black hair go nicely together. Her 36-34-36 body dimensions offer her the ideal hourglass figure.

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She discusses her exercise regimens with her footballer partner, as shown by her Instagram stories. Given his hectic schedule, one of the ways for the famous pair to connect is via an intensive exercise regimen. Her commitment to exercise has resulted in a powerful but feminine physique that many people would admire.

Her greatest asset is her personality.

Thais has a lovely, outgoing personality that draws people’s attention everywhere she goes. She, on the other hand, has only eyes for her footballer husband, who loves her as much as she does. She is not afraid to express her opinion, yet she avoids causing needless commotion. On a personal level, Thais has a laid-back attitude that makes it simple for her to make friends. Rather than seeking new relationships, she loves her close-knit circle of existing pals. Thais is also very close to her family, and she often has her parents visit her children.

1628108232_65_Who-Is-Thais-Valentim-Know-The-Fitness-obsessed-Wife-Of-Allancourtesy of Instagram

The most important thing in her life is her family, according to this stunning WAG. She’s found the perfect mix of engaging with the outside world and concentrating on herself. She doesn’t let her famous position get in the way of the important things in her life.

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