A few weeks ago, now famous basketball player and Los Angeles Clipper’s guard Patrick Beverley was rumored to have an alleged girlfriend named Alexis Marie. Little is known about this alleged girl, but many people are curious about her.

Alexis Marie is an American model and actress who was born on December 22, 1991 in Rancho Mirage, California. She is currently dating NBA player Patrick Beverley. She also dated NBA player Jerry Stackhouse. She is 5’4″ (1.63 m) tall and weighs approximately 100 lbs (45 kg).

Alexis McManus, aka Alexis Marie, is dating Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley. In this article, we reveal some unknown details about Patrick’s alleged ex-girlfriend.

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Wild n Out Star Biography

Alexis Marie was born in the United States in the 1990s. Alexis now lives in Los Angeles and works primarily as a model. She is of African-American descent, but details about her family or childhood have not been released.

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What does Alexis do for a living?

This beautiful black girl works as a model in Los Angeles. She is associated with the prestigious agency Select Model Management, which represents some of the biggest names in the industry. Alexis also posts her work on Instagram, where she has a huge following. Apart from her modeling, the lady has also appeared on television repeatedly. His best known work is his appearance on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, an improv and game show presented by Nick Cannon.

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Alexis Marie’s Body Statistics

Alexis is a big girl. She is 1.80 m tall and wears size 11 shoes. This beautiful model measures 34-26-37 (chest to thigh) and wears a B cup bra. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and her hair is naturally brown. This elegant woman is wearing a size 4 dress.

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Have Alexis and Patrick Beverly met?

The simple answer to this question is no. Reports that the model and the basketball star were dating began circulating online in July 2020. The basketball player was in the NBA at the time and it is highly unlikely that she was hanging out with him. Alexis neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, and no one bothered to ask Patrick. Right now, everything about Alexis and Patrick is still a sham.

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Some unknown details about Alexis Marie

The young model has already worked with many big names in the industry. Calvin Klein, Karl Kani, Wilson are just some of the brands she has run for. She loves modeling and has worked with many independent names. Alexis is a subtle girl when it comes to body art. She has tattoos that are barely visible to an outsider. This girl also enjoys fitness and loves to travel.

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Who is Alexis Marie as a person?

Alexis is a demanding lady who loves attention. Despite the fact that she often appears in public, this lady has her own mysterious side. Alexis is smart and intuitive. She handles things decently and ignores all the talk that goes on behind her back. She keeps her cool and ignores rumors rather than reacting to them. This girl is focused on her work and strives for success in the entertainment industry.

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Alexis Marie Character traits

This leggy girl is a cartoon character. While it remains modest, don’t let it fool you. Alexis is a master of the mind. She is a charismatic woman, but she has her own opinions and can come across as stubborn. Alexis Marie is a brilliant girl and has an incredible ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable. The young woman is a warm person, but her private life leaves much to be desired. If it’s Patrick Beverly she’s seeing, we’re happy for her. Forget it. We’re happy for her, no matter who she’s dating. However, we have not yet received confirmation.

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