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Doina Turcanu is the girlfriend of former defender Stefan de Vrij. She is of Romanian origin, and was a model before she met De Vrij. The two have been together for some time, and still remain very much in love. Here are some interesting facts about Stefan de Vrij’s girlfriend, Doina Turcanu.

The latest update on the “De Vrij’s girlfriend” topic is that Doina Turcanu is a Romanian model and TV presenter, who has dated the Feyenoord defender. She is a former Miss Romania titleholder.

Doina Turcanu is the girlfriend of Stefan de Vrij and the former fiancée of Claudio Reyna, who was formerly the New York City FC player’s fiancée. Before she was romantically involved with Reyna, she was in a long-term relationship with Stefan de Vrij. The couple has a son named Petru, who was born in December 2017.

Stefan de Vrij is an endless winner for 21-time Serie A champion Inter Milan. The defender joined the club in 2018 and has established himself as a series winner under Antonio Conte. While we know all about the Dutch central defender, the same cannot be said for his partner, the beautiful Doina Zurcanu, who has been in the news lately, and not without reason.

Facts about Doina Tsurcanu

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-4938 Doina Zurcanu is an amazing interior designer from Milan. She was born on the 9th. Born in June, which makes her a twin. As a social zodiac sign, Doina is passionate about her career, hobbies, friends and family. No wonder she’s so popular in her profession! She makes her living by transforming ordinary old houses into beautiful and comfortable homes. The star runs his own Behance studio in Milan and has an extensive portfolio, having worked with hundreds of clients over the years. With Doina by his side, Stefan will certainly have no problem furnishing his apartment with the latest technology. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). It should also save him a lot of money. We’ve heard that interior decorators can cost a fortune. It’s a simple economy right under his nose. In addition to interior design, Behance also offers services such as graphic design, photoshop, photography, photojournalism, illustration, etc.

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From Italy to the world

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-13567 Apparently, Doina spent most of her life in Milan. But she seems to have found her wings in her younger years and has traveled all over Europe. It started in Spain. In 2013, the beauty was in Barcelona and living her best life with her friends. During her travels, she often participated in modeling shows, showing off her gorgeous bikini body at every opportunity. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time In 2013, the star walked the catwalk at the Santa Severa Castle in two outfits. We can say that Doina enjoyed her summer in the historic city of Rome. Beaches are of particular interest to interior designers. It is often photographed in and near calm oceans. Her passion for exploring the country then led her to Naples, where the sensation did a little modeling. In 2014, the beautiful girl attended a fashion event.

Finding peace in the crossing

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-13568 Doina is the kind of woman who calms down by moving from one place to another. From Italy to Spain, via Greece to the Netherlands, this amazing woman is always on the move. She also loves taking her pets on exotic trips and giving them the time of their lives. Yes, this beauty is a big dog lover. She had two hairy dogs. Besides, Doyne loves to read. We understand why Stefan fell in love with this artist who never misses a chance to impress the people around her. Apart from her impeccable personality, the artiste also has a perfect look. It’s a complete package!

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When Doyne and Stefan started going out!

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-13569 Doina and Stefan started going out in 2017. The Dutch player was in Rome at the time, playing for the Lazio football club. It’s not hard to guess how these two met in one of the most romantic cities in the world! Stefan suffered several injuries during his Lazio career, but he was still great for a top club. He was soon transferred to Inter Milan. This meant that he would be geographically closer to his beloved! And of course, our Instagram feeds were flooded with adorable photos of the lovebirds as soon as Stefan joined the Italian club in 2018!

Stefan’s biggest fan

Source – www.instagram.com word-image-13570 After Doina became the athlete’s girlfriend, Stefan’s fan base grew by one more. The artiste never misses an opportunity to let her boyfriend know how much she loves him. When Inter Milan became Serie A champions, Doina was one of the first to congratulate the team, posting a photo in his honor on Instagram. She even posted a picture with cutlery. Stefan has certainly found a gem with this beauty!

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