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Jayne Caldwell is an American actress. She has appeared in television shows, commercials and films. Jayne Caudell was born on January 18th, 1981 to Danny Lee Jackson Jr., a former Major League Baseball player for the Cleveland Indians

Jayne Caldwell is a singer and actress. She was born in the United States. Her father’s name is Clarence Caldwell, her mother’s name is Patricia Williams, and she has two sisters named Andrea Williams and Tamika Williams. Jayne began her career as a backup singer for Destiny Child members Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland.

It’s not every day you hear about athletes dating female athletes. But Reggie Jackson and Salini Jane Caldwell don’t fit the bill. Read on to find out more about this amazing girl, Reggie.

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Biography of a Thai and Australian sportsman

Salini Jane Caldwell was born on 18. August 1993 in Bangkok, Thailand. Jane’s father, Shane Caldwell, is Australian and her mother is Thai. Jane’s father brought her home when she was three years old. She attended Brisbane Public Secondary School and then went to university. This young woman spent most of her life in hiding, but she came to Thailand every year to meet the Thai side of her family.

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What did Jane Caldwell bring to the sport?

Jane Caldwell’s father was a big rugby fan. This man was also a sportsman and it is from him that he got his love for sports. Jaina showed early interest in sprinting and jumping. Back in Australia, Jane competed in the national championships in the 100 and 200 meters. Another competition she participated in was the long jump. At 16, Jane started playing rugby and played badminton and volleyball at Brisbane State High School. This young woman excelled in all her sports.

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What brought Jane Caldwell to America?

Well, you guessed right. Jane Caldwell came to the United States in an athletic way. This woman met the Colossians while studying in college and came to North America through them. Jane Caldwell, a strong playmaker for the Brisbane Panthers, has received offers from Omaha, Los Angeles and Atlanta to play quarterback for the women’s team. Although she is still studying, a special arrangement has allowed her to join a US-based Wellplay team. Miss Caldwell has signed a contract with Atlanta Steam.

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Jane Caldwell’s sporting achievements in America

Developed as a player in Atlanta, Jane Caldwell moved to the Tempest in Los Angeles the following season. In her third and fourth years, this girl played for the Chicago Bliss team under Keith Huck.

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Jane helped the team win the League of Legends championship in early 2018. She was voted the league’s best running quarterback and holds the record for longest touchdown of 49 yards. Although the Thailand-born Australian has had her share of injuries, she has proven her critics wrong and made a name for herself in a sport where women are not valued.

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Jayna Caldwell and Reggie Jackson meet

Jane Caldwell retired from acting in 2018. She even moved to Thailand for a while. But after a while, this beauty returned to the US, and that’s when Reggie noticed her. They started going out when he was still with the Detroit Pistons. As their relationship became more serious, they decided to live together. The couple has been in place for a long time. When Reggie joined the Clippers in February 2020, she went with him. They move on and all goes well for them in the land of romance.

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Jane Caldwell’s character traits and what she does now?

Mrs. Caldwell likes to prove people wrong. Nothing motivates them more than a small problem. This lady knows what she can do. Jane works hard to achieve her goals, and makes people eat her words. Her critics should be very embarrassed if she goes ahead and proves her point. Although she has retired from the sport, Jane Caldwell is still connected to it in some way. She founded an initiative called Athletes for Athletes, which aims to provide support and motivation to all athletes and women in need. Because of her love for Thailand, Jaina also works with several Thai brands and helps them enter the American market. Jane Caldwell is also a model and advertises on Instagram.

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Jayne Caldwell is the girlfriend of Reggie Jackson. She was born in 1979 and has a net worth of $1 million. Reference: reggie jackson.

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