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Lori Harvey is a 19-year-old model who was once the girlfriend of professional footballer Memphis Depay. Born in the UK, she is of part-Jamaican descent and has been modeling since she was 13 years old. Memphis Depay was criticized for dating a much-younger woman while he was a professional footballer, but publicly defended that his then-girlfriend was an adult. Although the couple didn’t last, Lori Harvey remained friends with Memphis Depay after they broke up. The two of them have been spotted together on a number of occasions since their split.

Lori Harvey was the girlfriend of professional soccer player Memphis Depay. She was a model and a singer as well. She was a member of the band M3 Girls. Her main job was as a model. She used to model for KFC and Pizza Hut in the past. She has managed to get an attractive height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Lori Harvey is a Dutch model who is currently in a relationship with famous footballer Memphis Depay, although the couple broke up in 2011. The pair started dating back in 2009, and rumor has it that it was Memphis who got Lori pregnant, but the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Although Lori was devastated by the loss, the couple decided to try again, and Lori gave birth to Memphis’ daughter, Layl (named after the singer Lay Lay) in 2012.

You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors about it, but aren’t you curious about the real facts? Who is Laurie Harvey, and how did she meet Memphis Depay? Why did their relationship end? Laurie and Memphis have been a topic of conversation since the two announced a sudden separation following their engagement. Their history is indeed marked by many ups and downs. Both seem to be doing well in their personal lives. So, what happened? (Source: https://www.popsugar.com/) word-image-11376

on Lori Harvey: Beautiful 24 years old American model

Lori Harvey is a 24-year-old model born in Memphis, Tennessee. The daughter-in-law of one of the world’s greatest comedians, Steve Harvey, has always made sure her children lead normal lives. He made sure they enjoyed their childhood and didn’t hide from the cameras. In addition to her stepfather’s sense of humor, she says her fashion sense was inspired by her beautiful mother. Like her mother, she is constantly trying out different styles and seems to enjoy changing often. PLEASE:The 40 sexiest players in the Premier League (photos and stories). There’s nothing new about women modeling at a young age. But this amazing woman became a model when she was only 3 years old. As for her professional life, Laurie is doing well. She has walked the catwalk for some of the biggest designers, including Calvin Klein. She has worked with some of the top modeling agencies. Before becoming a model, Lori was an equestrian, but an accident forced her to give up horseback riding. (Source: https://www.gossipcop.com/) word-image-11377 Lori always motivates all aspiring models by making them believe that this career is possible. Never let the world tell you otherwise. Sometimes it takes longer than usual, but if you’re determined to make a living doing what you love, you’ll get there eventually.

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How did Lori meet Memphis? Why did they break up?

Memphis and Laurie met on the beach in 2015, when the Dutch footballer approached our sassy and stunning model. The investigation revealed that she was initially uninterested in Memphis and continued to ignore his calls and texts (our guy managed to get her phone number). But after a year of trying to get his attention, Lori and Memphis finally have a courtship. On you. Even though they were good together, Lori’s stepfather disagreed. He was always wary of Memphis and decided how to leave his pursuers behind. Laurie and Steve often argued over disagreements. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop a reluctant woman from doing what she wants. Despite her many attempts to stop Lori, she did what she wanted. During their relationship, she said how much she fell in love with him. According to her, there was no one she felt closer to. word-image-11378 In June 2017, Memphis proposed to Laurie, which she happily accepted. Even the stepfather, who was previously against their relationship, tweeted how happy he was with Laurie’s decision. He finally realized that the Dutch footballer is a good and sincere person. The two lovebirds got engaged, but unfortunately broke up without warning. Neither of them responded to fans and followers who couldn’t believe their relationship was on the rocks.

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Laurie Harvey is quite popular, the stunning model has about 3.6 million followers on Instagram. Laurie has been in the news since she posted a photo of her engagement ring, alongside Michael Jordan. REFERENCE: 30 of the most beautiful footballers of all time She kept her relationship a secret from her fans and followers for a long time, but finally revealed the little story that was brewing all along. She has had many celebrity connections in the past, but this one seems different. (Source: https://www.pinterest.com/) word-image-11379 In no time, photos of her and the Black Panther star surfaced on her Instagram feed. They started sharing photos of their outings and fans could see how much they loved being together. Her love of travel and frequent self-improvement sessions can be seen in her feed. Laurie Harvey is a confident girl who fights for everything she sets her mind to. She was a true inspiration to all women.Memphis Depay dated Lori Harvey, a well known model and actress, for more than 2 years. He also featured her in his music video for the song “Loving You”. Lori and Memphis broke up in 2017 and it is not known why the  couple called it quits. Lori Harvey is a model and actress from South Africa and she is the daughter of Jack Harvey.. Read more about lori harvey age and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lori Harvey and what does she do?

Lori Harvey is an American fashion model and actress who made her film debut with the movie “The Heartbreak Kid” (2007). She is known for her resemblance of supermodel Kate Moss. Since “The Heartbreak Kid”, she has appeared in a number of films and TV series. Lori Harvey is a Memphis Depay’s ex-girlfriend, who is best known for dating the Netherlands soccer player Memphis Depay. Retrieved from: https://celebritieswikibio.com/who-is-lori-harvey-things-you-must-know-about-memphis-depays-ex-girlfriend/ Lori Harvey is a soccer player currently plying her trade for the Washington Freedom. Harvey is a 22-year old soccer player who was born on March 11, 1996 in New York. She has two siblings, Chris and Lance. She is a midfielder and cost a whopping amount of $500,000 to the club.

What happened to Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay?

Lori Harvey is an American actress who was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She is famous for being the ex-girlfriend of soccer player Memphis Depay. The two were first dating in 2015, but they broke up in 2017. She reportedly met Memphis for the first time in 2007, when the famous striker was only 18 years old. The couple was seen together several times in public. Lori Harvey is an American model, actress, and former beauty pageant titleholder who is better known for dating soccer player Memphis Depay. Lori said goodbye to her career as a model and has now turned her attention to more serious matters, which is why she is not often seen in public nowadays. What is Lori up to now? Where is she now? You are about to find out in this article, so keep reading.

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WHO IS model Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey is a model and actress that has been featured on several billboards in Los Angeles, taken part in runway shows in Paris, London, and New York, and has even been in a few movies. Lori’s star and reputation have grown so much that she was even featured on the cover of “The Fashion Bible” in 2012, and she has continued to grow her career ever since. Lori Harvey is a Dutch model. She rose to fame after she got the chance to appear in Nike’s “Write The Future” campaign. Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay dated for a brief period of time. The couple is said to have broken up in July 2015. Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay first met at the 2015 NBA Draft in Brooklyn, NY and started dating in May 2015.

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